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Lower your anxiety DP will fade

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My main point of the post incase you don’t want to read it all is this.
to overcome anxiety, DP/DR together you must lower your anxiety level and your dp will begin to lift with it, don’t overcompliate it, try not to analyse your thoughts and why you can’t process them it won’t work one day you maybe able to deal with them
better then next they feel so real that you can’t let go of them, focus on your anxiety level the whole time nothing else, when you begin to reduce your anxiety level, dp will follow and begin to lift!

for those of you with only dp/dr you just need to accept it and overtime your focus on the symptoms will fade and dr will lift first and then dp will fade away and it will fix itself.

So i’ve had this for the second time, first time was pretty bad for the first year it started and it went on for two years of DR on its own which just got milder i never overcame it until the dp started and i slowly started to experience less and less of both until it was gone just by accepting it and by year 3 i was out.

I had 6 months of freedom then my OCD that had been gone for years which originally triggered my first Disassociative episode came back and for about a year i could hardly understand what was wrong with me, i still felt recovered in a way but there was these other symptoms i couldn’t recognise, after a year it started to go really downhill again and i relapsed pretty bad and it was the most confusing time ever as my previous recovery seemed to have no bearing on what i was now going through, all this confusion and intrusive thoughts and hyper focus on my dp that i couldn’t shift at all, i didn’t understand how to recover and i had never felt like that i didn’t feel at peace with it or anything.

My main point is i’ve always used Acceptance in my recovery’s from ocd, Dr, Dp/dr and now, ocd dp/dr together, it has only ever been what has worked for me, and that i believe is what works best for most and is the most natural way. It took me a long time to understand the connection between anxiety and dp as i had suffered them separately in the past but once i understood that the more anxious i was the more disassociated i was which isn’t easy as dp makes you numb, and that confuses you as your like well im
not even anxious, but i bet you can’t stop thinking about dp or having thoughts and constantly feel like your going back and forth well that is the underlying anxiety causing you to feel that way, without anxiety dissociation just fades like any other disorder/symptom whatever you wanna call it, i’ve been there without anxiety it really isn’t that bad, infact when you get better from it it can start to feel amazing in some ways as you can reach a point where you feel enlightened and don’t worry about anything and that is amazing! so for you who have dp/dr alone enjoy the ride as once you accept it it only gets better! but my explanation is for people with anxiety and DP/DR is see the numbness as high anxiety and the less numb and tense you feel the less your anxiety is you will feel the anxiety as it pulls you down below the dp/dr and that’s what keeps it going as the anxiety doesn’t allow the dp to lift.

don’t stress yourself out if you can’t understand this yet or your still trying to figure it out knowing that is what keeps it going, in the end you will find your own way and understand it the same, i recovered before and when the anxiety came back with it it’s still taken me 2 years to truly understand it this time round.

just remember the underlying anxiety is what creates the confusion in the dp and everything your suffering with and the lower you get your anxiety level the more the dp lifts and the clearer everything will become, don’t overcomplicate it, it’s actually very very simple but that doesn’t make it easy!
simplify it, lower the anxiety level and dp will lift, and don’t rush it unfortunately it takes time and im not even there myself i’ve just found understanding in it and it’s made it so much easier to accept and understand as i now know what’s happening.

good luck to you all i hope this helps xx
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