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Personality wise I mean. Having anxiety for a long time... existential dread and anxiety... questioning society and existence a lot growing up.... being vulnerable to teachings and trusting teachings and teachers kind of naively. DPDR being triggered by solipsism or other existential things....

In the end it actually makes me feel much better. In fact I just came to this forum and read some posts, and due to the fact that they seem so similar to me it actually just took away my DPDR I was having at the moment. I guess knowing that I am not alone and not a complete weirdo makes me feel much better. Maybe we are all just meant to be like this? As in it wasn't because of a single thing but because of our personalities or something. Feels better than thinking my brain is broken... Thanks for existing everyone ^.^

If anyone wants to discuss about this topic I am open to it. Nowadays I am very skeptical about these type of things and I have made a lot of progress with my existential OCD.
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