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Lost in my thoughts!!!

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I wondered if anyone can help me.

When I am not mentally active, like if I sit to watch TV or lie down to go to sleep, my mind always switches to dp/dr.
I try to ignore it but cant stop analysing it and then something weird happens in my mind. It seems to go numb, like it refuses to think about it any more, I start to feel nauseas and panicky and my mind feels hollow.

This terrifies me.

Also I feel as if there is another place somewhere that mind mind is being drawn to. I cant see this place but I can feel its there.
My thoughts seem to belong to someone else and mind feels so confused.

Are all these feelings part of dp/dr or is something else going on.
I feel as if Im the only person in the world. Totally disconnected from everything. Its a living hell.

Please advise me as to whats happening to me.

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are you toyally dp/dr free now?...

if so does reading and talking about DP on here not bring it back?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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