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I have only recently been experiencing dp which led to an episode that was very strong and i haven't been the same since.I constantly feel out of my body and especially when I drive it is unreal when I look a head of me.Another thing is that my senses are off.Sometimes I feel like I can't taste my food and my sense of touch is off when i touch something.When I hear music it's off like I'm not really hearing it and it's from a far.When I kiss a girl i can't really feel the kiss 100 percent.When i run it's like I can't feel my legs.When reading about DP it did say sensory anesthesia but is this what they meant.Please help

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I relate to all of what you have said and have experienced it as part of my dp/dr. The severity fluctuates. Sorry i can't really say more than that other than, know that you are not alone.

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I wish I could help you.
If it's any comfort at all I experience these same weird sensory distortions.

I honestly don't know what to tell you except that klonopin helps me most of the time.Unfortunately not all of the time.
It doesn't take my dp away.At best it dulls it.
Sometimes it seems to not work and I'm back to square one.
So far I've come out of these bad spells after a couple of weeks or so.

Good luck,keep in touch with this group.
Who knows you might just read what you need to hear at the right time.

All the best Shelly
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