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Anyone else lose the ability to have emotions and feelings as physical sensations in the body?

All sensations of feeling and emotion is gone from my body. I dont Feel numb, i Feel dead.

My brain also feels non-responsive and i am only on autopilot.

My body feels like stone. Too light. Nothing dragging it down causing a heavy feeling making it be my own. My arms feels so strange. It feels like I am not in my body. It is so mechanical.

I dont sleep because i dont Feel sleepy. I never Feel calm in my body, just an unnerving neutral and restless feeling.

I want to Feel, but there is nothing in my body. When i am sad and angry i just know, because there is nothing in my body. No surge of rage and no pain in my chest.

When i lay down under my covers, i dont get a familiar calm and warm, heavy feeling in my body. It is still hard as stone on the inside.

All emotions are purely mental. Sometimes my brain is so numb though it does not respond to any stimulus. And i have this constant unsatisfactory feeling because nothing makes me Feel.

All i have left is stress in my body. Nothing else. This bad restlessness i cant get out of.

It feels like so bad!

Anyone else experience this and get emotions back in the body?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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