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So my brother who lives in the UK is visiting here right now and I knew he had anxiety issues when he was a teenager up to his early twenties. And so, I asked him about DP, or paraphrased it, to see if he had ever felt anything like it. Turns out he had it for a few years.

He said he just felt like his mind completely dissociated from his body, like everything was unreal and distant. After a few years it just disappeared.

I wouldn't have expected that, but I suppose you don't notice it with anyone, really, until they tell you. And when he was at that age, I was too young to really understand. Even though it was still going on while I had my first panic attacks, but I suppose mine back then weren't that bad compared to what they can be like now, so it wasn't such a pressing issue for me.

My brother has recovered from both his DP and most of his anxiety and I think that I'll manage both, too. If he can do it, I can.
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