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Looking to speak to somebody who understands

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I was addicted to social media for many years and lived majority of my life on there, back in 2019 I had this realisation and decided to quit. (Snapchat) from this decision came HELL! The dpdr chamber

I instantly felt UNREAL like I was inside a dream, everything around me felt unreal and I could not recognise my own reflection through store fronts despite how hard I tried. I thought a fuse in my mind had blown and I’ve just been insane ever since. A complete disconnection from other humans and not being able to connect to myself or other. Surroundings just feeling so surreal.

I am from Essex, England and would be so grateful for somebody to reach out by phone…email anything I would just love to have the access to speak with someone who truly understands this condition. I don’t want to have to repeat myself over and over to friends and family who are looking at me telling me I’ll be okay when they don’t even understand.

I hope to hear back from someone soon.

Peace and Love!
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how you doing brother, I've had and still have suffered through similar things on the daily and I understand what your going through, if you ever need to talk about this hit me up on instagram @tomithugga
I am no longer on social media partly because that’s what caused this for me so is there any other way to speak to you?
Are you joking or just stupid? AHHAH
He maybe just didn’t realise, let’s stay positive brother.
Hey, leave me your email and I’d be glad to talk. I’ve had DP since I was 18. I recovered twice but I’m back in it this time around.
[email protected] thanks for getting in touch brother
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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