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Okay so this is my first post here so go easy on me, I'll give a bit of back story with my issue but not too long to bore anyone

My symptoms are: 'drunk' vision (hard to explain, blurred/fuzzy/out of focus)/ dizziness / forgetfulness & trouble remembering if I've done something or not / general feeling of being 'out of it' dissociated or not present with life, going through the motions without experiencing anything.

I've suffered with DP/DR For a year now, I'm not entirely sure what gave me it originally; I've always sufffered with anxiety and it was something that started by me feeling like this for a few hours a day then it went to all day everyday, I struggled like hell with it originally I saw a psychiatrist who helped mentally, and a doctor who didn't really seem to know what to do about it, they put it down to low blood pressure as it's in the family. Anyway I managed to live my life with it cutting out a lot of drinking alcohol and trying to do as much sport as possible and it's fair to say I was managing and living with it as best as possible, had good weeks and bad weeks but I had a life that was enjoyable.

Anyway Christmas rolled round and since the back end of December I had a flu that everyone in the UK seemed to have which went right up through January which made my symptoms worse as cold and flu's do to sufferers, since that flu my symptoms have been terrible, all the same symptoms as previously mentioned but more intense, and added: Fatigue/ achyness/ exhaustion/ drunk vision that's very sensitive to light and impossible to switch off from/ awful mood swings(go from being hopeful to hopeless in seconds) and has eventually resulted in depression as im terrified that this is how I'm going from now it's almost as if my DP has stepped up a level despite me not changing anything in my life. The past two weeks I've found work very difficult, I wake up in the morning feeling at a normal level of DP and around mid day this wave will roll over me for the rest of the day till the evening when the symptoms tend to subside. I work as a barber so not being able to focus or see properly doesn't work, I've told my boss and he's understanding but I imagine his patience is running thin already.

So the whole point of this post is I went for a blood test and I'm due to get my results this evening, I'm hoping they can find something up with my hormones that have made my symptoms so randomly worse recently but if they don't I can't live like this and will have to go down the medication route, just after advice on any medication (preferably uk members) have found has helped with their symptoms or what has brought them atleast back to manageable levels with their DP/DR?
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