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This may be a long shot, but I'll give it a go.

I feel like I am not making enough progress with my current therapist. Don't get me wrong, she is well read and allows me to vent as much as I like. However, I feel like there isn't enough focus in our sessions and they all end up being exactly the same with me just talking until the time is up. She also keeps trying to get me to embrace the spiritual side of things, which I just can't get on board with. Call me closed-minded, but it's just not me. Before all this, I was a highly logical person who found science to make sense and I was happy with that. I have nothing against those who believe in that kind of stuff, but it just isn't me.

So anyway, I live in west London and know a few people on here are from that area, so was looking for recommendations as I think it is time I found a new therapist.

My main problems are with my mere existence, which sounds contradictory given I won't embrace the spiritual I know. I have a real problem believing I haven't somehow transported to a different world and that this is the real one. This is re-enforced by the fact I see constant coincidences all of the time and am just sitting waiting for the next one. Every time I see something repeated more than once, or when I see a big coincidence (which is all the time) I can't help but see this as proof that I'm not in the real world. I also feel like I'm not in control at all, and that all of my 'normal' actions are not me. After all, why would I be doing normal things when I don't believe this is the real world?

I've been over all of this before so I won't bore you any longer. But yeah if anyone knows any good therapists that could help in the London area, please let me know!
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