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Look back to the past..

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Does anyone else feel like this?

Think about this. I've tried looking back to think how I was feeling when I did'nt have a problem with depersonalization. Question how you feel now, to how you felt back then. Did you have the same things on your mind now as you did then. Worries, obsessive thoughts, problems. Someone pointed this out to me, and looking back, when my life was all rosy, I never had this problem. Makes you think!
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Dear anti-antidepressants:
I just took from your post as I try to do from others who are searching and thinking outloud for answers. I know the phrase "all rosy" is an exaggeration in MY case regarding the past and times I was not mired in anxiety. But I DO know what you mean regarding the fact there have been times I didn't feel this bad. I think anybody's search is valid.
Sojourner, I can't believe you would tell somebody that they "know that" when offering your opinion. Maybe they DO NOT KNOW THAT. You know?
You guys are crackin me up here! Hey Sojourner, I didn't want to hurt you. And it seems I took more offense than the original poster, so color me codependent! I'm new here relatively speaking and I guess sometimes people can say things to others whom they know better and it's taken in the spirit they both understand. Also I concede that if I am saying all searches for answers are valid, I must also say all people are too. If every body's style was the same at giving opinion it would be very boring. There have been many times that your cut-to-the chase style has helped me Soj, b/cuz I also understood your intent. This one just startled me. All is forgiven, since there's nothing to forgive. Agghhhh shut up now jake!!
Personally I would be relieved to stop reading threads that start about one thing and end up about God or no God. Start a new thread would be my suggestion--there HAS to be enough coming out of all this talk to create a new thread which won't lead unsuspecting readers down a long ass path of this stuff please!!
1 - 3 of 54 Posts
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