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Look back to the past..

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Does anyone else feel like this?

Think about this. I've tried looking back to think how I was feeling when I did'nt have a problem with depersonalization. Question how you feel now, to how you felt back then. Did you have the same things on your mind now as you did then. Worries, obsessive thoughts, problems. Someone pointed this out to me, and looking back, when my life was all rosy, I never had this problem. Makes you think!
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I only have black and gray to weave with. Sojurner can you lend me one of your beautiful hues? I seemed to have lost mine.
Whereami your right. I havent read one post by Sojurner that seemed like she was trying to offened anyone.

Sojurner is Sojurner. I like your personality Sojurner, you have a lot of character.

By the way thanks for the blue, it is beautiful :D !
Sojourner I love your technique. Why do you sigh?
If you don't want your technique anymore, can I have it.
Yes that's true, but just because life isn't an endless stream of bliss doesn't mean that we are doomed to an eternity of misery. I just get the impression that you think happyness is a wafer thin veil covering the bottomless gulf of misery beneath. I don't agree with that
All I remember Sojourner saying was that life was not all that rosy before dp/dr. And I don't believe that life is completely rosy for anyone.

When I look back at my life, before the time with dp/dr I feel like life was much, much, better back than. Life was much more rosy before I got dp/dr. I was one of the most popular stoners around. After I got dp/dr, I just became a complete loser. Life was more rosy in the past, but it was never all rosy and I don't think anyone can say there life is completely problem free.

Martinelv the veil is the misery not the happiness. I bet Sojourner knows this already. She don't seem to need advice.
Hey, LostOne, you need to change your name, because it is nothing like the YOU I see!!
You blew my cover :shock: !

Thanks anyway :) .
I think I will keep the name. I am lost in this world, I'm not sure if it's my fault or the worlds fault, but I am surely LOST :? :shock: :( !

The funny thing is that the only things I don't feel lost about,
everyone else does feel lost about :? .
Hows this.

The funny thing is that what everyone else feels lost about,
I don't feel lost about at all.

Example, God, meaning of Life, whatever people consider to be difficult subjects, ya know.

Just pick up on the vibes Sojourner. I will send the meaning of this rant vie ESP.
it is nothing like the YOU I see!!
I am wondering, just how is it YOU see ME Sojourner :shock: .
I think I made a mistake, and brought up my religion before in the spirituality section. I don't post there anymore.

I am not baptized yet but I have been studying with Jehovah's Witnesses for 8 yrs. My studys havent been consistent, but I don't doubt the truth behind what the Witnesses say. I want to get baptized as fast as possible but I can bearly take care of myself at the moment. I kind of feel like a burden to the religion because of my illness.

Yes I am a guy :) .
My real name is Steve.

Physics is just interesting to me, I am not a professor.
Physics just seems to fit in with dp/dr perfictly.
I realy think that if everyone would look deep into physics they would understand a little more about just why this universe NEEDS A CREATOR TO EXIST.

I will not argue the point about this universe needing a creator.

If anyone wants to know what the Witnesses believe goto there website.
Don't listen to gossip people.

Sojourner thank you for your comment.
When I picked the name Lost one I was thinking about daily activitys or conversation. When I am doing daily activitys I often feel very lost but when I stop and think about things I feel as if I am the only one that truely understands what is going on.
I don't know if this makes sense to you but this is how I Feel.
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I see you as a sensitive person with a good head on his shoulders.
This I got simply from studying the bible. I thank Jehovah for any sensitivity or any wisdom I might have.
rula all I can say is that Einstein is old news. You might as well just bring up Issac newton also, his news is even older.

I realy think that if everyone would look deep into physics they would understand a little more about just why this universe NEEDS A CREATOR TO EXIST.

I will not argue the point about this universe needing a creator.
This is my opinion. If Einstein never prayed to God that is his problem not mine.

There have been studies done on the beliefs of scientest. I think you would find the results to these studies very interesting.
I would do the resurch for you but I get the feeling that you just want to argue a point, I don't feel as if you realy want to learn anything.
If you were my official bible study I would spend hours doing resurch and getting the facts for you, but untill you show that you are meek I am not wasting time on you. Like I said on another board, if anyone wants to talk religion just send me a PM. If you are eager to learn, I will try to teach. If you are a Witness and you have advice, than I am all full of meekness.

I don't want to continue conversations about religion that can not and will not ever end. Like I said, I will teach or learn religion vie PM only.
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For his invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world's creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and Godship, so that they are inexcusable.

Now this is Gods opinion not mine. Note the word (inexcusable).
PS. Rula, makeing the statement that Einstein was an atheist was a little much don't you think? Einstein never made that simple of a statement.

He did say this about God however.

Einstein once responded, "I
believe in Spinoza's God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony in
what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with fates and actions
of human beings."
He wrote an article for the _New York Times_
expounding his religious beliefs (reprinted in _Ideas and Opinions_).
He spoke of himself as having a "cosmic religious sense," which knows
"no dogmas and no God made in man's image," which he said was shared
with the great mystics; he compared himself with the likes of
Democritus, St. Francis, and Spinoza. He also commented that one must
have a poor moral sense if the only way one could act virtuously is if
one expect rewards and punishments after death.
His religious views were much more complicated that simply stateing he was an atheist.

Spinoza was a Dutch Pilosopher, if your wondering.
You say you want to keep religious stuff over PM's, but then you go on quoting your God, and still continue the argument. fine
Good point rula, I admit that I did continue the argument after I said I did not want to discuss it futher.

You discredited Einstein earlier on account of him being "old news", which I found to be a brilliant argument cuz now I can simply discredit Jesus for being "really really old news." Why go back and research Einstein's religious believes? guess you knew you couldn't discredit him that easy.
LOL This makes me laugh. My comment that Einstein was old news was pretty poor I guess. I would explane why I said that but I don't think there is any need. I admit it was a bad statement.

Yes making the statement that he was an atheist was an over simplification,
Thanks for admitting this rula.

he was closer to an agnostic.
I am still confused :? .

Well I think your right rula this is not the right place to talk religion.
And I promise I will not do it anymore.

I didn't respond earlier because apparently you saw my challenging your logic as starting an argument.
I didn't really think of it as an argument, just a pointless dialogue.

Oh and rula I LOVE you also. Just in case you felt left out :) .
I hope we can be friends :) .
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am i missing a looove thread somewhere?
No, not a love thread, it was xepers book of hate. I don't know if you read it?

I was thinking of posting a book of love, but then I realized that most people are more interested in proclaiming there hates rather than there loves. I figured that my book of love would get no replys, so I never posted it. I personaly hate many things, but I feel it more therapeutic to find the things that can be loved than to dwell on the many things I hate.

you just made me spend an hour reading about Jehova's Witnesses.
:D You made my day rula. Most people woulden't wast there time bothering with an open minded view of the world. Even though you say you don't believe in God per say, you still spent an hour reading about him. This tells me a lot of good things about you.

I was starting to think that I had failed God once again :( .
Knowing that I got you to goto the Witnesses web page has made me very happy indeed :D .

Thanks rula!
The religious just can't help themselves, can they. Sigh.
Yes it is hard to contain myself sometimes.

Imagin believing you had knowledge that could save peoples lives.
And not just this life but an everlasting life on paradise earth.
You probably wouldent be able to contain yourself either.
Actually I find atheist not being able to contain themselfs all the time.
What do atheist offer? What is there purpose for speaking? I am just wondering. Are atheist so happy to have found death that they want to spread it to the world. If I was an atheist I would keep my comments to myself. Remember most religious people believe their knowledge will save others. If my truth was death than I would kill myself.
Martinelv your funny :lol: .
You are also very good at arguing a point. Seriously I like your talents.

Yes, I bet you'd love that. Nobody to criticise your beliefs. Nobody to point out the terrible hypocrisy, bigotry, discrimination, and church sponsored poverty that has been going on for thousands of years, and continues to do so. So tough titty's mate. Religion is a dying superstition, accept it, and maybe you'll find that a life without 'faith' (whichever one you are brainwashed into believing in) is a life with purpose, a life where we treat everyone as equals, and do not discriminate beyond our own unfortunate human prejudices.....
Actually I don't mind when people criticise my beliefs because I always look into things and criticise my own beliefs anyway. What I don't understand is why you would want to crush a good thought.

[/quote] Well, I've no idea. Perhaps we should just sit in corner and quietly rot away.[/quote]

That is what most people are doing. Most people think way to much of themselfs.

Paradise earth ? What? And who's paradise? Yours? I need clarification as there are so many contradictory faiths I can never be sure which one people are talking about.
If you are going to ask questions like this I am going to have to answer. ... cle_01.htm
That paradise.

Examples please. And since you are all knowing and all powerful, I assume you're not going to say that all atheists cannot contain their urges to kill, maim, and fiddle with children. That's just ignorant misconception, isn't it.
You are the example yourself. You are haveing just as many problems containing yourself as I am. It is only our viewpoint that is diffrent.
And just for further refrence, my religion does not believe in fighting in wars.

I am not all knowing or all powerful, I try to be humble, passive and meek.
Jehovah God is whom I declare to be all knowing and all powerful.
But even Gods powers are limited to the relms of reality.

Martinelv thank you for pointing out that I am not superman I have been wondering why I am unable to fly.
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The day people have the courage to shed their comfort blankets, taking responsibility for their actions and embracing life for what it is, will be a great day for humanity. I'll wager that you'd be surprised that a world without religion wouldn't descend into immoral carnage - rather people would find purpose in their lives for life itself, and treat everyone in the same manner, without having to resort to the ridiculous and frankly obscene 'teachings' of dead and dying religions. Without wanting (without desperatly wanting) to sound like a prophet myself, that day is coming, and I for one can't wait. I doubt that it'll happen in my lifetime, but the slowly creeping realisation of the absurdity of religion and the harm that it causes, which greatly outweighs any benefit, has already started. Ignorance is no longer a defence. Face facts. Live life.
You seem to be hopeing for an end to religion.
You will be happy to know that the bible predicts this day will come.
God will actually be the one to put it into the hearts of men to do away with religions.
This is one of the signs for the end of this system of things.

I will send you a PM to explain.

I am waiting for this day myself because then I will be sure the end is at hand.

I'm not containing myself very good am I?
I think I will just stop reading this thread completly.
Goodby. :)
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