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Look back to the past..

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Does anyone else feel like this?

Think about this. I've tried looking back to think how I was feeling when I did'nt have a problem with depersonalization. Question how you feel now, to how you felt back then. Did you have the same things on your mind now as you did then. Worries, obsessive thoughts, problems. Someone pointed this out to me, and looking back, when my life was all rosy, I never had this problem. Makes you think!
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Life never really was all rosy. You know that, of course, but it makes you feel better to think there was a time when all was "rosy." That's simply not true, and you know it.

Our life has always been like a finely woven garment having threads of all possible human colors (emotions) that form patterns and images.

As the weavers of our garments, we can choose which colors we weave with, can we not? Some are thrust upon us, this is true, but the others are strictly our own choice, right?

You have the same threads in your life today that you have always had. You are the weaver who chooses to neglect weaving with the beautiful hues you used to use. So what's up with that? Who is left to blame -- not that blame is appropriate in the least -- but the weaver?

We are the weavers, are we not?

Well, then, who is in charge of the colors we see in the garment that is our life? And what stops the weaver from introducing a brand new color of beauty into the garment? Anything stopping the weaver from doing that?
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Sigh. Busted again for technique. :cry: I should have realized that anti-anti is very young, and I spoke to her/him as if she was an adult for a long time and I see that doing that was a major mistake. I was wrong, and I'm sorry, anti_anti. And if I'm wrong about saying this, then I'm sorry about this, too.

Sorry, y'all. I didn't mean to imply that anti_anti was in denial or anything, but just wanted to point out that nothing in this life is ever just one thing -- and certainly not "rosy."

LostOne -- Here's a lovely shade of blue ---- :p -- do you like it? (I don't think I should be giving you anything in the red family. )

Jake, it pains me to have angered you. :? But I know'll forgive me. Thanks.

Rula, thanks for your insight, again. 8)

Anti-anti -- You are always growing and changing, and nothing will ever be static for you.

The initial point I meant to stay on was the weaving thing. Anti-anti -- grab that lovely shade of rose and weave your garment using it liberally. That's our role in all this, isn't it?
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WhereamI -- Thanks! I like your idea for a sig very much and I just might use it soon. :wink:

Lostone: No, honey-bun. As much as I am fond of you, I cannot do that. Besides, you don't seem to need much help in that department! :D
Interesting concept. Forced me to think a bit more about it. Thanks.

You somehow missed the fifth word in:

Life never really was all rosy.


And God belongs anywhere people want to bring him!
Yes that's true, but just because life isn't an endless stream of bliss doesn't mean that we are doomed to an eternity of misery. I just get the impression that you think happyness is a wafer thin veil covering the bottomless gulf of misery beneath. I don't agree with that.
I do not believe that at all, Martin, and I regret that I have given you that impression and rather mystified about how it happened. :D

Monkeydust -- Thank you for your comments!
rula said:
I don't think the generalization was about life so much. *I think*, maybe, (hehe) that Sajourner was making a generalization about people with DP, based on the popular 'dp is a defense mechanism' theory. so if one has DP, it's not possible that their life could've been all rosy before??

rula said:
I'm rather mystified myself as how you could so confidently say "i know and you KNOW" life wasn't so great...unless I'm missing some really long post from anti-ad's with lots of details, in that case i'll go feel stupid now. :lol:
It was a generalization based on the idea that life itself cannot be rosy. Life always has ups and downs and people have highs and lows. For someone to say that she or he never ever felt low in the past just seems to be inaccurate. Perhaps if things are "normal," we forget the sad things and when we look back, it all seems rosy, but in fact, it is not.

However, if the anti_anti was comparing today with a time in which he or she was truly innocent of the pain of others in the world and didn't happen to experience anything but love and joy and camaraderie and roses, then perhaps my generalization doesn't fit her or his actual life.

I just have trouble believing that anyone could recall the past as being perfect. But perhaps it was *I* who read too much into that statement and the poster was just talking in general. Maybe this is a "mountain/molehill" moment, after all?
Hey, LostOne, you need to change your name, because it is nothing like the YOU I see!!
The funny thing is that the only things I don't feel lost about,
everyone else does feel lost about .
Ya' wanna run that by me one more time?
I see you differently than you describe yourself. I see you as a sensitive person with a good head on his shoulders. You're a guy, right? I've been wondering about your religious belief, principally because of your tagline. And now the comment you just made has me wondering, too.

Ah, just saw your profile -- into physics, are we? :lol:
What does make me laugh, however, is the total reliance of the religous on scripture.
As a matter of fact, your above statement is false. The Catholic Church relies on Scripture and Tradition. It also doesn't presume to know HOW God created what He created.
Well, that's a bit crap isn't it. It's like reading a manual on how to fix a car and then trying to build a helicopter. No wonder you're all so confused. And I wouldn't be so quick to promote Catholic tradition...dear lord no. Catholic tradition has a worse record than the holocaust, as horrific as that was. And I don't remember the nazi's molesting children either or promoting overpopulation and poverty of the world through threat of eternal damnation. If I were catholic I'd be too ashamed to show my face in public.

I'm probably going to be slammed for comparing Catholic tradition with the Nazi's, but I don't care. They are both evil festering sores on the face of humanity and people should realise this, that the trade-off for a little personal comfort and a nice place to go on a Sunday, MILLIONS are dying because of it's insane doctrine.

The day people have the courage to shed their comfort blankets, taking responsibility for their actions and embracing life for what it is, will be a great day for humanity. I'll wager that you'd be surprised that a world without religion wouldn't descend into immoral carnage - rather people would find purpose in their lives for life itself, and treat everyone in the same manner, without having to resort to the ridiculous and frankly obscene 'teachings' of dead and dying religions. Without wanting (without desperatly wanting) to sound like a prophet myself, that day is coming, and I for one can't wait. I doubt that it'll happen in my lifetime, but the slowly creeping realisation of the absurdity of religion and the harm that it causes, which greatly outweighs any benefit, has already started. Ignorance is no longer a defence. Face facts. Live life.
Have you ever listened to yourself?

Your attempts to ridicule hurt only your own soul. Most people, even if they are not religious themselves, recognize the vileness you spew as evil. You demonstrate the existence of sin in the world by your loving embrace of sin's methods -- dishonesty and hatred. You lie about Christianity continually, you have no regard for the dignity of other human beings, and you are a frightened little boy flailing at those who believe in the goodness of creation, a Creator who loves everyone, and the desire of all humanity to rise above the evil that we all do.

And yes, God loves you, and so do I.

I wish you the peace that passes all understanding -- the peace that comes only from God. That peace is the only peace that can heal our suffering.

And He may touch you yet before He's done with you. It has happened before, so if I were you, I would watch out.


Oh, and should anyone ask whether the above is a "threat" -- the answer is yes, by all means. Or perhaps it is a prediction. Christ is known for dogging the steps of and forcing a personal encounter with human beings just like Martin--and not just those whose experiences are recorded in Scripture.

Yes, indeed, God may well meet our friend Martin one day where he least expects it.
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I think maybe I am the one responsible for that happening on this thread. I forgot about the strict separation and asked Lostone a question...

Anyway, sorry about that. Won't happen again.
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