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Look back to the past..

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Does anyone else feel like this?

Think about this. I've tried looking back to think how I was feeling when I did'nt have a problem with depersonalization. Question how you feel now, to how you felt back then. Did you have the same things on your mind now as you did then. Worries, obsessive thoughts, problems. Someone pointed this out to me, and looking back, when my life was all rosy, I never had this problem. Makes you think!
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I'm not joking about the disclaimer. Here, Sojourner, borrow my patented DISCLAIM'ATRON 2000(tm), that automatically adds a disclaimer to the end of every post. I invented this contraption after REV's refusal to add a disclaimer button a while back, when virtually everything I said caused uproar. I've taken pills since then, so hopefully I've calmed down a lot.

Sojourner, I've no doubt at all that your intentions are well meaning and sincere, none at all, I just think that sometimes your opinions can come across as generalisations (which can of course be hurtful), and they are not always responding to the point of the post, and statement of facts. As this is an impersonal Internet forum, it wouldn't go amiss to uses a 'perhaps' or 'maybe' or 'I think' before some of your prophesizing. But you've certainly lived up the site a little. And remember, god/s have no place on this forum!! :D

Life never really was all rosy
I don't agree with this though. I'm getting a little tired at the endless prattle (not just Sojourner) that we are all born to the fate of a life of misery. I don't agree with that at all, and it smacks of the squalid human condition and the need for redemption. It ignores personal responsibility and the fact that we all have the capacity to lead a happy, guilt free life. It also shows the person thinks that his own turgid experiences of life are applied to all. The majority of the world lives in mildly ingorant bliss, with, of course, minor irritations and tragedies...but that's life. And we have to make the most of it...and strive to make it better for ourselves and people who we care for. That is the purpose of life, not eighty-odd years of struggling through the disappointment and rain of this life, waiting for an after-life of an eternity of bliss. If there isn't a heaven, and we've got it wrong, then what a waste of life.
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Yes that's true, but just because life isn't an endless stream of bliss doesn't mean that we are doomed to an eternity of misery. I just get the impression that you think happyness is a wafer thin veil covering the bottomless gulf of misery beneath. I don't agree with that.
Even though you say you don't believe in God per say, you still spent an hour reading about him. This tells me a lot of good things about you.
The religious just can't help themselves, can they. Sigh. :roll: If only us poor deluded atheists had such stunning insight. Still, best be a cynic like me. When I smell flowers I look around for the funeral.

Creationism is the most pathetic attempt to merge the obvious inevitability of evolution, geology, physics, in fact almost the entire realm of science with the number one book of the ages, written by committee - the bible. If it didn't cloud the judgement of millions of children all over the world, it would be funny. It's something comparable to childhood neurosis. Still, it's excellent stuff for keeping the ignorant quiet.

What does make me laugh, however, is the total reliance of the religous on scripture. Those most holy of texts that distinguish the 'saved' from the profane writings on which all other faiths are based. :lol:
Yes it is hard to contain myself sometimes.
I don't doubt it.

Imagin believing you had knowledge that could save peoples lives.
You have this knowledge? What extraordinary news. Care to share? I believe there are several million in Niger and The Sudan who are in need of your knowledge. I look forward to seeing the results on CNN.

And not just this life but an everlasting life on paradise earth.
Paradise earth ? What? And who's paradise? Yours? I need clarification as there are so many contradictory faiths I can never be sure which one people are talking about.

You probably wouldent be able to contain yourself either.
If I had you incredible powers, then yes, I wouldn't be able to contain myself either. But unfortunately I'd expect I'd waste a little of my powers in a Bruce-Almighty manner. I've always wanted to be invisible. Can you do that?

Actually I find atheist not being able to contain themselfs all the time.
Examples please. And since you are all knowing and all powerful, I assume you're not going to say that all atheists cannot contain their urges to kill, maim, and fiddle with children. That's just ignorant misconception, isn't it.

What do atheist offer?
An atheist is someone who lacks belief in various imaginary friends, that's all. I would have thought you knew that, Superman. They have as much and as little to offer the world as everyone else. They are human beings who cherish 'this life', and their unbelief itself gives purpose to their and other peoples lives.

What is there purpose for speaking?
:lol: :lol: :lol: Well, I've no idea. Perhaps we should just sit in corner and quietly rot away.

Are atheist so happy to have found death that they want to spread it to the world
Oh dear. You're not superman after all. You've betrayed the usual stunning ignorance of the religious. It doesn't even dignify a response. 'Found Death'. Dear lord, when will this stupidity end?

If I was an atheist I would keep my comments to myself
Yes, I bet you'd love that. Nobody to criticise your beliefs. Nobody to point out the terrible hypocrisy, bigotry, discrimination, and church sponsored poverty that has been going on for thousands of years, and continues to do so. So tough titty's mate. Religion is a dying superstition, accept it, and maybe you'll find that a life without 'faith' (whichever one you are brainwashed into believing in) is a life with purpose, a life where we treat everyone as equals, and do not discriminate beyond our own unfortunate human prejudices.....


The Catholic Church relies on Scripture and Tradition. It also doesn't presume to know HOW God created what He created.
Well, that's a bit crap isn't it. It's like reading a manual on how to fix a car and then trying to build a helicopter. No wonder you're all so confused. And I wouldn't be so quick to promote Catholic tradition...dear lord no. Catholic tradition has a worse record than the holocaust, as horrific as that was. And I don't remember the nazi's molesting children either or promoting overpopulation and poverty of the world through threat of eternal damnation. If I were catholic I'd be too ashamed to show my face in public.

I'm probably going to be slammed for comparing Catholic tradition with the Nazi's, but I don't care. They are both evil festering sores on the face of humanity and people should realise this, that the trade-off for a little personal comfort and a nice place to go on a Sunday, MILLIONS are dying because of it's insane doctrine.

The day people have the courage to shed their comfort blankets, taking responsibility for their actions and embracing life for what it is, will be a great day for humanity. I'll wager that you'd be surprised that a world without religion wouldn't descend into immoral carnage - rather people would find purpose in their lives for life itself, and treat everyone in the same manner, without having to resort to the ridiculous and frankly obscene 'teachings' of dead and dying religions. Without wanting (without desperatly wanting) to sound like a prophet myself, that day is coming, and I for one can't wait. I doubt that it'll happen in my lifetime, but the slowly creeping realisation of the absurdity of religion and the harm that it causes, which greatly outweighs any benefit, has already started. Ignorance is no longer a defence. Face facts. Live life.
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Have you ever listened to yourself?
Yes. Like yourself, I just love the sound of my own voice.

Your attempts to ridicule hurt only your own soul
It's not an attempt to ridicule, I am ridiculing. And what's this 'soul' you are talking about? I hear a lot of bluff and waffle, but nobody has really explained what they are talking about.

Most people, even if they are not religious themselves, recognize the vileness you spew as evil
Do they? I welcome all comments on the vileness of my criticism of religion. One man's evil is another man's truth.

You lie about Christianity continually
Give me an example. Just one.

you have no regard for the dignity of other human beings,
Really? How can you presume to know that ? A nasty little trick, Sojourner, but I'm used to it. Humanists have more dignity in their little finger than the religious.

and you are a frightened little boy flailing at those who believe in the goodness of creation
I'm frighted for a variety of different reasons. Leaukemia, for one, the love and safety of my family and friends for another, financial security, the sanity of some of the poor souls on this board, but certainly not your imaginary friend. :roll: Why should I be afraid of something / someone / it / them that don't exist?

Why do you keep barking on about god/s on this forum anyway? This is a forum for people with DP. Why don't you shuffle over to the Spirituality Forum to empart your wisdom to people who want to hear about it and we can argue until the cows come home. I for one and sick and tired of hearing your uninformed ravings about how your imaginary friend and DP and depression is somehow tangled together in a great big confusing mush.

I'm not denying that your intentions are good, and some of the advice you give regarding DP very well informed and helpfull, but give the religious crap a break, please? If you do, I will too. And no doubt that will be a tremendous relief to everyone.
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