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I am 32 and managed my marijuana induced DP/DR since I was 14 years old. In my 20s I tried a slue of meds that tackled anxiety but never releaved the symptoms of DP/DR.
Over the course of my life I have merely struggled through the calamity of panic attacks and them making my DP worse; leaving me to learn, yet again how to live with the worsening of the symptom/condition.
I have recently had yet another panic attack (someone blew marijuana smoke in my face while in a car) that increased my DP to a point of utter fog. I lose concentration intermittently (every 30s or so) leaving me stranded in an empty mind that has forgotten what it was doing.
I suppose my desire here is to introduce myself and to express my sympathy to those that suffer from what is essentially one of the most debilitating and underrated mental illness.
I fear, my intellect is truly lost and I will never again find a coherent manner of articulating the various ideologies I once found profound or appealing as my desire, excitement, and curiosity are hidden behind a fog of chaotic fear and stultifying lack of concentration.
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