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I have family. I have a boyfriend. I have pets. Why am I still lonely? Well right now I'm alone... and kinda buzzed. But even if I wasn't buzzed all I'd be doing is sleeping right now.

I want to interact with people. And I can't unless I'm intoxicated. I know you all are probably tired of hearing this. You're all like why doesn't this chic just stop drinking already... I'm stupid I know. But it's either this or sleep. And I choose sleep instead of this every weekday. I guess I get tired of just work and sleep. There should be something more to life than that. And I can't seem to feel alive without alcohol. But then... when I'm drunk and lively... all the good people are sleeping, so I end up calling bad people. Luckily I stopped myself tonight and came on here instead. I mean I did get through a few numbers but I was able to stop myself... and no one answered the numbers I called.

Earlier... I was ready to pass out at like 8pm. If I didn't start drinking I'd have been sleeping all this time. God I hate this life. I need to talk to someone.

Anyone in Chicago?? Come visit me!
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