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Loneliness and Boredom

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Does anyone else on this forum seem to be bored out of their fucking minds? Cause I know I am. It's like I'm stuck in the house and all the old things that used to grab my attention don't do so anymore. I'm also lonely and I feel like I am alone in the world. Sitting inside the house seems to me like a self-defeatist kind of thing. And I can't motivate myself enough, I end up sleeping some portion of the day on the couch without anything to do. It really is a nuissance. Any advice? I know people say focus outward but then again my boredom comes and sweeps me away into the abyss. Unknowing of any other things to do, can't be myself. Don't even know what it's like to be myself again. Things aren't looking up. Plus I have an appointment with a shrink this monday (halloween) HAPPY HALLOWEEN by the way. Anyway my medications aren't working as they're supposed to and I feel some let down in that department.
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well uh.... there is one thing I do know....If you do nothing all day crap will just get worse. They did a study on old people that just sit around all day and watch the cars pass by on the porch and found that when they did an MRI on their head certain parts of the brain got dark that wasnt dark before.

The brain went into some type of standby mode...

Anyway, point is no matter how hard it is to get out and do got to do it....AND I know how hard it is to even get up, because I was there! But there are those 30 minutes or a few hours out of the day where you do feel a little better, and those are the times you should get up and go for a walk...start a hobby, exercise...crap like that.
baby steps my steps.
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