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Loneliness and Boredom

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Does anyone else on this forum seem to be bored out of their fucking minds? Cause I know I am. It's like I'm stuck in the house and all the old things that used to grab my attention don't do so anymore. I'm also lonely and I feel like I am alone in the world. Sitting inside the house seems to me like a self-defeatist kind of thing. And I can't motivate myself enough, I end up sleeping some portion of the day on the couch without anything to do. It really is a nuissance. Any advice? I know people say focus outward but then again my boredom comes and sweeps me away into the abyss. Unknowing of any other things to do, can't be myself. Don't even know what it's like to be myself again. Things aren't looking up. Plus I have an appointment with a shrink this monday (halloween) HAPPY HALLOWEEN by the way. Anyway my medications aren't working as they're supposed to and I feel some let down in that department.
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the persistent emptyness you are describing is dysthynia,adhedonhia,or quite simply emotional apathy.this characterises the feeling,or lack of feeling we feel every minute of every day,like going to a football game,your team wins and you feel are satisfied on a very superficial is prevailent in most if not all mental illnesses.this is the final hurdle for me in my recovery,as ive come to terms with every other issue of dp/dr.i think we must continue the distracting techniques and outward doing my own research at the moment into this lingering condition,and will keep you posted on my findings,although i suspect no miracle answers for day i hope to feel passionate about things again,maybe the answer lies in some form of emotional liberation therapy.maybe our struggle to express ourselves over time led to this situation.i cant accept that anyone was born with this angst and soulsearching,not even the greatest philosophers and writers.maybe these guys were only writing when they were having bad days and not on good ones!!
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