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Living a meaningful, connected, loving life with DP

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Hey guys,

Here’s some hope! I’ve come to this website so many times the last two years to find a story of hope. Recovery stories are always great to hear, but inevitably, when you hear that someone has recovered completely and you are still in the throws of this disorder, besides Hope, you also feel deflated because it hasn’t happened for you.

So this post is about living with the disorder and allowing it to be in the background while finding joy and meaning in your life despite it. Sounds impossible, right? We’ll it’s not.

Every day isn’t perfect and there are still days and times when it’s rough, but overall the pain has started to lift and I’m caught up in life and looking forward to things again despite having chronic dpdr. The dpdr is becoming a backdrop to my life and the things that are important to me. I’m healing and finding joy again and not because it’s gone away.

I’d love one day if it completely went away, and perhaps it will, but in the meantime I’ve decided I’m not going to miss anymore of my life. At first this seems like an impossible endeavor and it will feel that way, but the more you just keep dragging yourself out of bed, getting on with your day, working out, being around family, and stop comparing this new feeling state (because it is a feeling state) to what you felt before, the more you will begin to live again. Your brain starts to choose life and the present as opposed to the dpdr. The key is focusing on life and not the dpdr.

I’ll keep this community posted as things continue to evolve but in the meantime, please do the following:

1) Accept this disorder and don’t fight it.
2) continue to socialize
3) work-out
4) go out in nature
5) medicine can help, I’m on lamictal for mood and obsessions
6) be around family and friends
7) seek out humor and comedy
8) stay busy and get out in the world no matter how hard

The last thing I’ll say is that this is completely possible to live with this disorder and have a good life. I’m a husband, a father of two, and this is a reality for me but it takes a whole lot of acceptance. You can do this too, trust me. Because when I say that I was down and out, please believe it was as bad as you can imagine. Just keep believing and keep living your life and working on functionality. And yes, I know you’re wondering, I have this chronically and unremitting 24 hours a day and have for two years, but I’m finding a life again.

Stay strong. Don’t blame yourself and keep going.

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Love seeing this. Glad you're doing better and getting on with life, J
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