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Live Skype Therapy Sessions: Now Available

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Hello DPSelfHelp community,

My name is Alex and I'm the founder of (soon to be published). Below, take a look at my services and if you're interested in purchasing sessions before the website is actually out, feel free to reply to this post and I'll set it up for you. Right now, I'm only accepting PayPal until the website is fully up. I hope I can help this community, so thank you!

Yes, as a previous sufferer of depersonalization/derealization disorder myself, I completely understand all the struggles and seemingly never-ending pangs it brings. Although, through extensive research and self-exploration, I've been able to develop a method that will improve your condition - if not help you recover completely. I'm not a professional, however I know that no-one better understands the suffering involved than a person who has dealt with it first hand. So allow me to help you recover with affordable, live, Skype recovery sessions, and let's take the first step in your journey to recovery.

This is not a self-help book or some generic video program, you are going to speaking live with me and using the same methods I used to completely recover from depersonalization/derealization disorder. If you are truly in need of relief from your DR/DR disorder, and have found it difficult to feel understood by others, you are in the right place.

What Makes DPRecovery.Org Different
  • As previously mentioned, you will be speaking live with an actual person,
  • Therapists and specialists are expensive, here sessions are always just $7,
  • Most therapists have not DP/DR as well as being very costly- however I am, an actual sufferer/recoverer of this disorder as well. I know what it brings and I know exactly what helps.
What You Get

When you purchase a session, you get much more than just 60 minutes of therapy, you get...

  • The initial 60 minute live Skype recovery session,
  • Post-therapy activities that will help your DP/DR disorder long after the session is over,
  • Useful email tips that when applied will speed up your recovery,
  • And personal videos that are specifically made for you and your specific circumstance.
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