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If i go somewhere with my family. Or i go to holiday. I start to feel so bad. If im week somewhere and needing to do something it makes me crazy. Whem im home its still not good but then i can just stay still. I cant handle other people. They make me fearfull.
I dont know anymore how i can go on. I feel i cant. I have no clue what this is. I have been here so long. Im not human anymore. Im not me. Idont have feelings. I dont have life. I have been killed inside.
I wanna go somewhere dark and cold place and lock myself into little house where i can be safe. This is so terrible. I never get along with life. I never feel satisfied or that i reallly want this. I never feel this is how its meant to be. How i know which is true and which is not? I feel i time travelled in my past.and i cant never get my real lifeback. Im destined to this nightmare which i just feel i cant get out of. Everything feels terrible.i need to watch other people who are still living. And be jealous and angry. I just wanna hit them.
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