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You guys, I've been researching for some time now and while I think I'm not nearly finished (will I ever?) with my investigation, I'm providing a comprehensive list of possible causes for DP/DR.

While I still believe that anxiety is the most common culprit for DP -- in fact, it seems that over 90% of cases are anxiety-based -- I do believe that just like everyone's biochemistry is different so is the root cause for each person's DP respectively.

We must leave no stone unturned when dealing with this disassociation!

Possible Causes:
  • Childhood Trauma / Unresolved emotions
  • Anxiety (duh...but more importantly, how is your anxiety derived, there are many ways)
  • Masturbation (excessive ejaculation is not good at all)
  • Cortisol Imbalance
  • Adrenal Fatigue or Adrenal Gland Disorder
  • Overactive Prefrontal Cortex
  • Suppressed sympathetic fight/flight system
  • Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis dysfunction (HPA Axis)
  • OCD
  • ADD
  • Serotonin/Dopamine dysregulation
  • Overactive Glutamate function
  • Increased Prefrontal Cortical activity
  • Physical trauma
  • Sleep disorders
  • 5HT2A receptor overactive
  • Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
  • Eustachian Tube inflammation/blockage
  • Sphenoid irregularities
  • Recreational Drugs
  • Candida (overgrowth in gut flora)
  • Metal poisoning (Mercury)
As you can see there is a myriad of possible culprits for DP and sadly it's an overwhelming undertaking but not impossible!

There are, of course, a ton of helpful supplements and treatments for DP (luckily more treatments than causes for DP).
I won't be listing them here since it's a substantial amount of information.
I do wish everyone considers each option here and not disregard some of them as a waste of time, foolery or too ridiculous to be taken serious.

This is one bizarre disorder...would you be in disbelief if all it took was a neti-pot and some cloves of garlic to heal your DP(someone actually did)?

Of course, I won't go into details for each cause since I haven't read everything and some of these articles dwell deep into the biochemical properties and functions of the human body which requires some patience and practice to understand and grasp the information given.

Heck, I'm still learning how neurotransmitters works and what they are!
Also learning about antagonist, inhibitors and whatnot...if anyone has a crash-course for all of these terms and functions, please let me know.

Here is a user's link with his experience with 5HT2A receptor:

The following link is also on 5-HT2A. It provides extensive information regarding this receptor as well as possible disorders and dysregulation when activated and to a lesser degree, its positive causation when dormant:

I will be posting soon on possible treatments for DP. This will also include a list but more than likely, I will provide more information for each supplement, technique, etc.

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Good list. In my case i dont belive anxiety is a problem because i dont have any. I do belive its something psychical like low serotonin levels or something like that.
Thanks seven. It may very well be that in your case it is not anxiety. For others, though, anxiety is exactly what caused it. Now, whether anxiety is solely to blame or whether a constant anxious state also threw other chemicals out of order, is also worth looking into.

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"This is one bizarre disorder...would you be in disbelief if all it took was a neti-pot and some cloves of garlic to heal your DP(someone actually did)?"

Haha- I actually once paid for a colonic because I thought toxins in the body caused my dp!
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