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link to pictures of a DP brain VS "normal" brain

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I wonder if those activity ereas in the brain can explain my feeling of having a tension at the base of my skull before I get a DP/DR episode...
That is really interesting, those pictures prove there is something there, it is not just all in our heads. I think it sometimes IS started by our minds but we are stuck in it without our minds being able to snap out of it. and by it i mean this horrible state called dp/dr :(
I believe this is why there has been some sucess w/ lamictal, slowing down some of these areas (even klonopin, lets not forget it's an anti seizure/epileptic drug.
Seems that DP/DR mimics symptoms of TLE, included would be all of our symptoms plus anxiety and depression.
I would be more inclined to say that anti-epileptic drugs are going to become way more effective than antidepressants in treating this. Just don't understand why it hasn't become more developed.

Doesn't seem like there has been much concern in the neruological/pharmaceutical/pshchiatric world of getting things moving.
How many studies have been done since these findings? Very minimal.

Hopefully we're headed in the right direction. Get taking that survey!!!
I don't want to read articles and all of this shit

I just don't understand the whole point of this post

what are you trying to get at exactly?
What? the whole concept is showing that there is some kind of hyperactivity that is going on in a DP/DR person's brain, compared to the regular healthy patient.

And EEG & a Catscan btw everyone gets these everyone says nothing is wrong they are not the test that these photos are based off of.

Its basically saying we ARE different and it might not just be in our thoughts but more so physically something wrong. All this is proving is that there is something wrong and something that needs fixing in these patients.
I thought DP/DR was a symptom of anxiety and depression , other mental illnesses and drug abuse Thats what ive been told by every doctor/psychologist that I have seen.

To me this just puts things more in question and makes me feel more confused.

There has long been a school of thought that mental illnesses of all kinds have a neurological basis. It is difficult to poke aroung in a live brain. It's the most complex organ in the body.

These studies are in their infancy, but here at the local uni the focus is on neuropsychiatry, that is understanding mental illness from a biological poiint of view. And that doesn't mean it's hopeless, but it means there are medical ways of treating this.

We already know this about many mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar, etc. I subscribe to the theory that DP/DR are indeed neurological in origin.

You have to read about these things or you can't understand them. There is a huge body of work out there, books, articles, and now the internet.

This doesn't mean that talk therapy isn't an integral part to psychiatric/medical treatment.

I have also had an EEG and a CAT scan that showed nothing. This was back in 1980. Things have changed dramatically since then. My guess is if I had the money for a SPECT or PET, etc. my brain would show something irregular.

This doesn't frighten me. It gives me a sense of control. And there is indeed an intricate connection between Nature and Nurture. None of this can be boiled down to a simple answer.

Knowledge is power.

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As I've said a million times as well, if you want information for the layperson, go to the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill website...
I don't want to read articles and all of this sh*t
Well, I'm sorry if I wanted to help you! :? Sjeez...
21 - 30 of 30 Posts
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