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link to pictures of a DP brain VS "normal" brain

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I'm fairly surprised that they've had these pet/spect scans for over 5 years now, and no effective treatment, for the masses. Especially considering this was done with Daphne Simeon.

Second is a question. Could DP/DR have different levels or types? Such as diabetes?

I would venture a guess of yes, as many illnesses are. Which leads me to wonder that for the recovered, i.e Janine, perhaps like the lesser of the two diabetes (not to diminish what she went through for 20 years), hers could be beat w/ psychotherapy and various methods of focusing outwords and what not (diabetes: good diet, exercise). But for the more seriuos types, we/they might have to take insulin, i.e meds.

Pet and Spect scans are different than Mris/cat/eegs
I believe this is why there has been some sucess w/ lamictal, slowing down some of these areas (even klonopin, lets not forget it's an anti seizure/epileptic drug.
Seems that DP/DR mimics symptoms of TLE, included would be all of our symptoms plus anxiety and depression.
I would be more inclined to say that anti-epileptic drugs are going to become way more effective than antidepressants in treating this. Just don't understand why it hasn't become more developed.

Doesn't seem like there has been much concern in the neruological/pharmaceutical/pshchiatric world of getting things moving.
How many studies have been done since these findings? Very minimal.

Hopefully we're headed in the right direction. Get taking that survey!!!
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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