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Lingering symptoms 8 months in

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Hey friends! I haven't been on in a while, still working toward a 100% recovery. I've been able to move on and live a fairly normal life these last few months and not think about dpdr for hours at a time but it's still on my mind. I still have lingering symptoms I can't shake and even though they're manageable compared to what I had experienced they're still uncomfortable and are still causing a bit of anxiety. A few of the symptoms I'm still experiencing off and on is....
• Feeling disconnected from my voice
• Not feeling a full connect with my body. Like I'm just a pair of eyes.
• Blurry vision (I'm sure this symptom is from chronic stress and anxiety)
• Just a general feeling of weirdness and existence phobia
• Like things are still off and strange
• First person view seems wrong
• Like time is speeding by
• Like I'm not connected to what I say even though I know it's me
• poor memory and concentration
• Increased disassociation in bright lights
• (this one is weird and probably uncommon) but I feel like my filter is gone when I talk. Like I don't think before I talk now and that's totally not how I was before dpdr.

I posted a similar post to this a while back and while these symptoms are getting milder in retrospect they still bother me. I feel mostly normal but I can't get over these remaining symptoms. I just worry that this will be my life now and I worry that fully normal won't ever be a reality for me. I'm glad how far I've come but it's still hard to live a comfortable happy life feeling this way.

PS - I just have to say one more thing I hate about dpdr. Getting over one symptom just to develop another has been one of the worst things about this. Dpdr is almost never ending *facepalm*
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[quote name="kalinka" post="511778" timestamp="1508338681"]

hi :)

i have almost the same issues as you have, especially with speaking. though my symptoms are still there 24/7, except for a few moments on some days.
i suffer from DP since 5 months. you are saying the symptoms are on and off and you feel mostly normal - what did you do to get better?
and are conversations easy for you? most of the time i hate almost every conversation because i am totally focussed on these annoying symptoms..
sometimes i think everything would be better if i could stop listening to my own words so carefully.

and i would also love to hear from others what are the best options to deal with this terrible "talking problems".[/quote

Hi! Yeah I struggle with conversations. Mostly because I feel weird but when I'm anxious I can't think and I fumble over my words. I would like to hear how people deal with the talking problem too! I just sum it up to being depersonalization.

A few things I've done to get better is mostly just time. Everything gets a little better after time passes. Then I've done therapy, EMDR therapy, acupuncture, yoga, and distraction to help my overall dpdr. Dpdr healing is definitely a waiting game. I'm just gonna live life until a feel normal again.
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