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Life without DP.

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I feel like I might suffer from depersonalization, i'm aware of the symptoms and have some, like observing yourself from outside. But I don't remember it being any other way.

So what is normal like? What is it like to not suffer from depersonalization?
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Dear Cassie, I recently was stricken by this bizarre condition too not so long ago (20 days ago). The thing with me is, that I do remember bits in pieces of how it felt being 'sober'.

I can't recollect vividly how it was before having DP (kinda what DP does to you, no clarity). It is definitely a shift in perception that is causing you to remember things this way. Some say DP is somewhat connected to how we build memories and/or traumas that may have happened in the past (repressed memories).

In any case, what I want from you and what you need for yourself is not to dwell too much into your current condition. This may seem extremely hard but not impossible. I myself think about it sometimes, although I have calmed down a lot in these past few days.

Here are some supplements I can recommend to you. They are non-toxic and natural.

These supplements help calm nerves, stress and anxiety:

Magnesium - 500mg/day

Inositol - 500mg - 2000mg/day

Phosphatidylserine - aprox. 250 mg/ 3 times a day (800mg the whole day)

L-theanine - 200mg/day


Inositol, L-thenaine and Magnesium together seems to be very effective. With Inositol, I have read that you can take as much as 18 g of it and have no negative side-effetcs. However some people react to it with diarrhea and dizziness and this may be due to the fact that they take large doses when they are just starting supplementation.

For the first week I did 1000mg of inositol/day, then on my second I increased it to 2000mg/day.

On these last few days, I've been taking 2,500mg. So far I'm good, in fact, it has made me feel a lot better.

Another thing I will try soon is the combination of Skullcaps, Hops and Valerian Root


Sorry if im just randomly giving you info but whatver has helped me, I will let others know too
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