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I dont understand how guy like me who his whole life since childhood never had any anxiety , depression , rock solid mental health , everyday positive and nothing could upset me , flies to another dimension after smoking 1 joint , while my gf and other Idiots I know can smoke it day long. Like I had no problem the first 4-6 times I smoked it and last time I did , it made me dissociate so hard that I thought I was dying. And the worst thing is people say to me : "bro you were just trippin , you just don't know how to handle it" , no you intelligent piece of evolutionary progress , I definitely wasn't just "high". It was a totally different feeling , like I was dissociating so hard that I completely forgot that me and my gf are humans and I'm actually living on this planet , my brain started shrinking inside my body and I felt like I was on a time loop , is this what a high is supposed to feel like ? I doubt it.
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