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(i already posted this in the main dp forum but i'll put it here as well)

i'm a 26 yr old girl and i've been suffering with dp/dr since i was about's my story:

I experienced dp/dr for the first time when i was 20/21. i was taking ortho tricyclin and allegra d and i think that was the trigger. i have heard of other people who have had depersonalization for extended periods of time after taking allegra d (the allergy medicine). i think my dp/dr is related to my hormones and the ortho tricyclin messed them up...anyway, after taking the combo of those two prescription drugs i was in a constant state of severe depersonalization/derealization for 8 months straight. here were the symptoms...i'll try my best to describe them (you guys know how hard it is to describe symptoms):
-a feeling of looking through my own eyes (not really being in control)
-time lapses (time would get kind of jerky or twitchy)
-feeling that my mind was going to snap at any moment unless i kept complete control of it.
-distances would look weird
-in the really extreme times, faces would look strange...eyes would kind of look like they were floating in front of the peoples faces and things like that (that's not exactly how it was because it wasn't a was more like i couldn't process what i was seeing)
-really panicky and anxious at times
-any florescent lights would make it 10 times worse and i could hardly go grocery shopping.
-sounds would be really loud...especially my own voice. it would echo in my head sometimes

All of this extremely severe dp/dr lasted for 8 months during which time i dropped out of school, lost one job, and moved to seattle for a time. i got better slowly and in a couple of years it was hard to remember what being depersonalized even felt like. I remembered that it was one of the scariest things i ever went through, but i didn't remember why...

for the last year or so i have been having some mild to moderate dp/dr flashes. it isn't constant and not all of the symptoms are being displayed. i think it's mostly derealization and panic, happens more during certain times of the month (pointing to hormonal causes once again)...and certainly is affected by the amount of sleep i get. it is so horrible that i am dealing with this again after years of being fine...i don't know what to do.

i'm currently trying to take hormones to regulate endometriosis and i'm hoping that if i can get them balanced, my dp/dr will go away...

i'm so glad there is a support for me, one really seems to understand what is going on with me..i have awesome and supportive friends and family but they don't really know what its like...

so that's my story...quite a doozy...any similarities between mine and yours, anyone?
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