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How sweet it is to finally be writing this post! I didn't know when it would happen, or how it would feel, but I made it.

I recently post an entry about how I felt I was 90% recovered. Now I feel I am 100%. I feel so confident that I am over dp and anxiety that I can honestly say that neither are a significant part of my life anymore. I'll bet you're wondering what life is like after recovery. And it is great! I compare it how it feels when you studied really hard for a test and passed with flying colors. It feels like a huge accomplishment in so many ways. The weight has finally been lifted from my shoulders and I can focus on other things in my life.

In a strange sort of way I am grateful that I did experience dp. I know, thats crazy, but what I've learned about life and myself during the struggle is something that I wouldn't have learned had I not gone through this experience. I've learned to be more kind, patient, hopeful, and overall happy with myself. Recovering from dp requires a lot of things, but probably the most important is self-acceptance. Having gained a respect and acceptance of myself, I've become more confident in myself and the choices that I make. I'm also MUCH more adventurous because my life was lacking so much when I was in the pits of depair. I remember not going to parties when I was invited, missing out on weddings, not inviting friends over because I was so afraid the dp would take hold and make me panic or act out somehow.

All of that is over now. I am now myself, only improved. I make goals and I do my best to accomplish them. I accept failure and don't dwell on life when it doesn't go my way. Life is good, and I feel like the windows have been opened after being closed up all winter.

So if you're not in your recovery process yet, don't worry. It will come when you are ready. If you have started taking those steps, be so proud of yourself because you definitely are on the right track to a free life. Recovery comes at its own pace, but you have to play your part. You have to learn from the process, you have to keep growing. I can't even remember the last time I felt depersonalized, because thats what recovery does to you. It makes you realize that dp is a state of mind controlled by rediculous thoughts, and when you are recovered you realize that.

So this will be my last post. I am moving on with my life and leaving dp behind. If you have any questions for me or would like me to talk about something I haven't recovered, please let me know! I see I get a lot of views but not a lot of comments. I'm an open book and I would love to help anyone that wants it.

Cheers to a full and happy life, free of dp.


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Feb 28 2017 01:19 AM

Can I have your phone number please?, I promise don't bother you, I started suffering this DP/DR since 23 Dec 2016, I am supporting myself all the time to get in the recovery track!, I'm doing well I know and I believe, I wanna exchange some information and points of view about this, since I don't have anybody to talk about this, who really experienced it like I do. Can I have you as a friend?🙂🙏🏼Than wold be great!🙆🏻🙌🏻💡❤
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