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Letting Go?

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I had a lot of stuff happen in my past, I feel like I need to accept that they have happened and get on with stuff. Right now DP/DR is bad, but I was just wondering if anyone ever felt like there DP got worse because they denied things in there life... or I guess felt like those things really didn't happen... If so did you just work with this during your recovery, or just ignore it and go on.... I wish everyone the best.

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Apr 30 2014 01:04 PM

My recovery was based on working on any problem that I found within myself, within reason. I had things in the past that I wouldn't have thought to be detrimental to my life, but after working with the problem, realized it truly was a problem in my life. Your best bet would be to work with whatever you believe you need to work on - to go off of your point, acceptance is a very big step as well.

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Apr 30 2014 01:57 PM

Thank You
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Apr 30 2014 05:15 PM

I think most people who get dp tend to be repressive people and a lot of the time it can be in denial of things that happened.For example I was extremely abused in my childhood...EXTREMELY yet when someone talks about abused children i never identify that thing with if it was a diff thing to me...Im also a veryyy repressive person when it comes to emotions of "weakness" meaning crying,anger,affection etc. I don't think i have ever allowed myself to express those in front of people..maybe it was because i had 2 older brothers i always wanted to impress and be like or that i never had a nurturing figure in my life or because of narsistic parent or just genetics but thing is ...i had dp and then after a big blow(i lost someone important to me) i actually developed another dissociative disorder called dissociative amnesia..and i am sure it is because of repression..i never really learned to express only to repress i am so out of touch with recognizing my emotions and feeling them..

basically definetely don't ignore it please all the repression consider it the fog stuffed in your head you need to sort it out and work with it..find acceptance don't bury it deep like happned to me

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Apr 30 2014 05:46 PM

I agree, thank you.... That is how I feel,,, I wish you the best
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