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Let's RAISE Our Voice- We Need to be Heard More on Youtube!!!

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Hello Everyone!!!

I realized almost every single day or week, someone around the world is raising their voice on depersonalization disorder and their experiences with it by putting a video of themselves or a written piece on Youtube.

So I was thinking since we are a biggggg community here....why don't every one of us put some kind of a video on depersonalization to be as more and more VISIBLE on Youtube- it doesn't have to be a shooting of your own, don't get me wrong, but if everyone of us can prepare some little video on depersonalization disorder, some video explaining what it is, your own experiences, how it makes you feel, how long you had it so and so forth, anything you want to put really, even a single sentence related to it, which will only raise more awareness on this disorder and show how much of a debilitating condition it is, don't you think?

I mean one can find millions of videos on anxiety and depression, but obviously it is less when it comes to depersonalization disorder- even when it is the third most common mental health issue along with schizophrenia in the world, so why don't we just make ourselves more visible rather than just get stuck on this website hoping for someone to save us. At the end of the day, we can tell ourselves that we tried to show someone out there who goes through this, that we understand and that we share the same experiences- and that we are not alone in this :)

Needless to say, everyone is taking a look at these videos on youtube, regardless of who puts it!! Reading all those comments below these videos showing how many people out there is trying to cope with this condition on a daily me hope. Rebellions are built on HOPE!!! :) Remember, we are not alone in this, the more we share, the stronger we are and the more we give hope to others by sharing our experiences!!!

In short, I would like to challenge all of you to put some kind of a video on depersonalization disorder, could be anything, please think about this!

Thank you for reading!
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This would honestly be a great idea. I also think we should start researching the condition and start finding correlations between all the stories and sort of look at the brain as a whole. I personally believe that this condition is 100 percent recoverable. We just need to find the missing link
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