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lets disuss... DRUGS

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I can appriciate people will disagree with drug taking after getting DP/DR and thats totally understandable as it is more than likley a step backwards when it comes to recovery and if this is you please refrain from hate commenting! Those who havent managed to shake the habit what are your views on the subject. Personally, i am never touching weed again as i think freaking out while eating edible cannabis in amsterdam had a small part to blame when it omes to my DP/DR. I used to do a lot of coke before i got this, and funny enough doing this gives me such relief it makes me feel alive, in the room and ike i can think clearly and not about my DP, jut connect with people. I have only done it 3 times in the 5 months i have had depersonalisation and have really had difficulty staying away from it but feel proud I have managed to cut down so much. I wonder if this has something to do with DP does anyone know what neurotransmitters coke plays with, dopamine? I read a forum once which said coke and stimulants work on dopamine and adrenaline and that plays a part for some people who may be low in it helping them and treatments like Wellbutrin would benefit them where as people who do well with weed and alcohol have a serotonin problem and SSRIS would help them. I'm really confused as to what neurotransmitters are not behaving in my brain and how I should be addressing this!!! I find when I drink alcohol I feel more detached like my legs are made of jelly and people are monsters and I just feel seriously stoned but the coke seems to sort me out. I have stayed away from MDMA and anything else along those lines for I also read tht could have been the cause of my visual snow and, I know they would definitely not help me. Whats everyones thoughts on this???? Do you have a drug that helps/worsens your DP or anyone know much about the neurotransmitters? :)
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King Elliot- Wow! You are very clued up that was a very interesting reply! I didn't realise how many different receptors there were for dopamine and serotonin etc looks like its not going to be as simple as I thought to find the right treatment etc!!!! you say dopamine has the same mechanism of action as methylphenidate what kind of treatments would mimic this? and what would you say the most successful one is, obviously everyones dp is different but what has worked/not worked for you. I feel like since we both had a bad expeiance with cannabis we may have done similar damage to our neurotransmitters. I am currently on Lamical 200mg and feel confident that with time I may see some result since it is a mood stabiliser hopefully fixing whatever imbalance there is am I correct in that? (sorry I probably sound pretty stupid I'm not as clued up as you seem to be but trying my best to understand)

As for the panic attack on weed I can totally relate its funny thinking back now I to thought I was going to die, we were staying on a canalboat just outside Amsterdam I had smoked a lot in the past and thought eating a cake would be easy and not affect me- I was wrong! I ended up getting a taxi back to boat alone feeling ike I was on a full on acid trip I lay down and had to search on youtube 'I'm having a panic attack' and 'how to calm down on a bad trip' I was trying to call a paramedic and then I freaked out so much I ould hardly walk I crawled cross the boat in the dark and trid knocking on the neighbouring boats door for help, thankfully they weren't in I crawled back and lay in despairfor the remaining hours of feeling fucked and spent the rest o the trip feeling like a ghost haha!!!

Autonomic space monkey- interesting reply! would you say your dp seemed to improve after stopping the drugs or no different? I can agree th after effects of taking drugs aren't worth dealing wit for the few hours of normality. I wish I coul stop at two cans, I tend to feel very anxious after a few drinks so I think stuff it I'm going to get smashed and forget about everything!!!
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Unfortunately my DPD/DP/DR did not improve once I stopped. But my HPPD did gradually start to fade over time, & I consider it to be only mild these days. That said, I never have to put up with the awful come downs & hangovers anymore! Besides, I'm constantly DP'd which is kind of like being high anyway, so I don't need drugs to be a space monkey these days (as my username implies).

That is interesting, the main part of my DP is definitely HPPD symptoms constantly, it is good to know your faded over time from refraining from drugs etc, I shall just keep trying! Haha, I know the feeling I too feel my symptoms constantly it's like a never ending cannabis trip! Love the name. Thanks for the reply :)
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