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You all will probably think I'm crazy for writing this but here goes:

My depersonalization began about a year and a half ago after they had put me on an

antipsychotic called Zyprexa. Now I know a lot of people have taken it and had good results on it.

And I'm not bashing it. Nor am I bitter at the drug companies. I understand that what happened to

me was a paradoxical reaction and not very common.

Most of the people of the people on here got their dp as a result of (1) Marijuana/Hallucinogens

(2) Some past trauma or (3) Too much stress

But regardless of cause, there is some kind of internal mechanism tying us all together.

DP happens for a reason. And I think it's about time we find out what that reason is.

Some people say dp is just a defense mechanism or caused by another disorder. And while

I think this maybe true, both anxiety and depression are co-morbid disorders (where you have one

you generally have the other) and yet there is a ton of medication for those. DP is caused by a lapse

in our brain's neurochemistry just like a lot of mental problems. If we understood why this happens,

scientists could fix it with a reuptake inhibitor or something of the like. DP could be cured as easily

as the common cold.

Now what I propose is this. Let's discover the cure together. I know that may sound farfetched but I

don't think it really is. By pouring over this site, you'll discover that many people have gotten better

through a combination of different methods. If we could compile those methods, see what is similar about all of them, we could find out the link and be that much closer to curing DP for good.

The major problem with DP is there is almost no research. And what little does exist is usually conflicting information. Now I have met tons of people on here who know more about neurochemistry than any doctor could. Having searched desperately for a cure but to no avail.

But it was because they tried to go it alone. I think if we band together and pool all our research, we could discover the cure by 2016. And while it may sound like I'm boasting. I'm really not. I come from a place of desperation. Because if I don't fix this thing, I have no doubt in my mind that it'll destroy me. I will cure this or I will die trying.

I'm tired of doctors that don't understand, friends that don't understand, and family that don't understand. I'm sick of this condition ruling my life. DP shouldn't be this "boogeyman" in the medical community. No more ignorance when it comes to this. I plan on finishing up my medical degree and finding out once and for all the reason behind this.

I've already done some extensive research myself but If anyone wants to help, offer advice, or present some leads, it would be most appreciated.

Thanks everyone!
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