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i posted this on the old site about a year ago.. but i thought id just bring it back around to f#ck with your heads since thats what i do best. :twisted: joking lol but seriously.. when i take a stroll around the lemmons website.. i realize that whatever wierdness im feeling.. it really isnt all that WIERD. theres lots of wierd sh!t out there. as far as im concerned this is by far the wierdest... thought i have to admit after all this time lemmons has finally won my heart.

He lives alone.
Don't worry if he scares you or if you don't understand him, because he has friends who aren't scary, and Lemmons himself might at any moment read a To-cheer-you card. Or he might tell you how to make a casserole or how much he likes his favorite TV show. So this is an introduction to Lemmons. He has problems, but I'm sure he will soon be your favorite clown.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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