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Learning to Crawl

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I feel like I'm learning to crawl again, or walk, or live, or whatever. I'm trying to figure out what it is to have a normal thought process, and it's annoying because I know that for a long, long time I had that thought process and I wasn't obsessing over my thoughts and by the fact that I'm thinking things didn't bother or disturb me or I didnt' have thoughts in my head dthat were screaming in frustration and even fear that i was going to lose it. I feel like there is a part of my brain that is freaking out, screaming in panic becuase it can't get over this dp, it can't connect to myself. I'm scared that I really will collapse eventually and just cry and scream and get locked up becuase that's what I feel in my mind right now. I don't know how I function so normally and so well in the outside world, I really don't, when inside i'm terrified and freaking out at my mind. My minister said something about looking into yourself to find something and it freaked me out, thinking how I would be looking into something that is me that is always there and how can i look into myself when i'm always looking into myself (Like i'm not some robot with compartments that I can just peep into). I have been freaking out at the aloneness of human beings recently, that we are always stuck thinking and doing things on our own in our minds and that only we know what is in our minds and we have to always think. I can't believe that I used to just have thoughts and that was did it come about that now thinking thoughts freaks me out because now they do...i am always monitoring how i'm thinking and what I"m thinking and I dont' know how to STOP and just THINK again and not be thinking about thinking. I feel like i'm living behind myself. Ugh, i'm just so frustrated recently that I'm not getting better. Sorry for the long ramble. Any thoughts?
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Tony; "hope springs eternal"--gotta love that. I believe we are all seekers just somehow pointed in a dastardly direction. Yet I also believe we each have a flame inside that won't blow out---the one that lites the way. Peace and connection and my best to everybody. GEEEz can ya tell I'm so relieved and proud of myself for goin thru surgery Thursday? It was a real boost to walk thru the fear,
keep on believing, we all will find relief,
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