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It's soooo difficult!

For the past few weeks I think i've been going downhill, this THING seems worse everyday, i'm convinced I have some kind of brain disease which is going to kill me... The more I think about it, the worse I get... Then I stop and think - Last week I went to my weekly art class, but had to come home after a few minutes, I was so emotionally drained I flopped on the sofa and fell asleep just to calm down and feel OK. This week, I went to my art class, painted got right into it and felt actually better - so, whatever brain disease I have, is not exactly degenerative, more annoying! And a regular was at my art class, talking about an operation he'd had recently - he didn't even know he was ill, but apparently the thing he had would have made him VERY ill, and that launched a conversation about how people who are very sick, generally don't know until they're diagnosed...

Ok, this isn't always true - But it's something to think about. Along the same lines as those who believe they have schizophrenia, until someone inform them that they wouldn't know they had it if they did...

It is difficult, but rational thinking can help... I suppose.

I don't know why I posted that, it's been said before, but, well, it might encourage someone and every little helps :)

Keep It, er, real...
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