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So I posted a couple months ago about my experience with general anesthesia (tonsillectomy) and how that affected my DP.

At this point, I've had DP for about 17 months. It has slowly gotten better

Just last week I got my wisdom teeth taken out (all four, impacted).

I knew I'd be "knocked out" for it. Which scares me. The feeling is weird because it's almost like a temporary death.

Anyway. What I didn't expect was laughing gas.

The assistant just shoved the mask on me.
I was all strapped down and didn't know what to do.
I started to panic. I heard my heart monitor beeping. I said "i'm panicking"

The doctor said "you'll be fine".

And then I was knocked out via IV.

I assumed I'd feel like shit after. And I did.

However, almost a week later, I'm not feeling better.
I think the laughing gas re-triggered my DP.

I kept waking up horribly confused about my existence. Losing time. Unable to focus at all.

I feel so numb and just dead inside.

So I'd recommend not getting laughing gas if you can help it.

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What an awful experience lostlark. I don't blame you for being totally freaked out. Did they really strap you down? Then just shove a mask in your face? Fuck the fuck.

So sorry you went through this.
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