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Hi alltogether,

I am from Berlin, Germany. Ive been on this forum since August after I developed a generalised axiety diorder with DP/DR in the weeks after a festival as a result of substance abuse and a lot of stress.

Thanks to this forum, especially the success stories forum, and prescription of 15 mg mirtazapine I am more or less on my way out. I have had good days already and I would say my DP/DR has worn off, leave alone the bad days. However, I have days where OCD is troubling me a lot and I have those severe substential questions and symptoms of depression. I also feel like the mirtazapine is making me emotionally numb... at least that is how I feel towards my girlfriend who has truly supported me throughout this. I tend to rather give her a hard time instead of being thankful. I guess I still have a lot of stress on my mind and am at a difficult stage in life (ending my studies) which is why I am not making further progress right now - at least thats how it feels like at the moment.

Therefore I am really looking for support from a therapist to guide me. However, the therapist whose help I seeked initially, wasnt really able to help me out with my problems... he seemed rather specialised in those "normal anxiety problems" and I kind of felt like he was a bit clueless when I came up with "2D vision" and those "who am I", "why am I" kind of questions... so as its really bothering me right now that I dont know which of the 500 types of therapists I could contact and also which kind of therapist I need to contact, I am looking for help in this forum.

So please: IF YOU KNOW A THERAPIST IN BERLIN that I could give a try, please message me or comment.

Thanks to all of you and I really believe we can all get out of this nightmare. I am positive this is gonna work out!

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