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Lamictal / Lamotrigine treatment

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I have recently undergone an array of tests, SPECT being one of those. The results of the SPECT showed that I have a small cluster of over-active neurons in the left parietal lobe. This is apparently a prime indicator for mood disorder, and in my case I have been diagnosed as Bi Polar II and have been prescribed an anti-epileptic named Lamcital.

For those here that have been prescribed this drug for either Bi Polar or DP, have you noticed any alarming side effects? Most notably a drop in your ability to concentrate, memory related problems or any emotional flattening or dulling?
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Okay well i start this medicine tomorrow. Keep updating me as to how you all are doing with it, and i will do the same... am a little nervous about it right now... hope it is helpful to you all.
I am on 25mgs and I will be working up slowly to a therapeutic dosage... I don't notice anything on this small dose... but no side effects bothering me so far either. :)

I am taking the lamictal in combination with celexa. I will update once I get to a dosage that can help :wink: Hope it is going well for everyone else.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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