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Lamictal / Lamotrigine treatment

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I have recently undergone an array of tests, SPECT being one of those. The results of the SPECT showed that I have a small cluster of over-active neurons in the left parietal lobe. This is apparently a prime indicator for mood disorder, and in my case I have been diagnosed as Bi Polar II and have been prescribed an anti-epileptic named Lamcital.

For those here that have been prescribed this drug for either Bi Polar or DP, have you noticed any alarming side effects? Most notably a drop in your ability to concentrate, memory related problems or any emotional flattening or dulling?
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I was cautious about taking another med to begin with but the BP II diagnosis sent me into a anxiety ridden depressive tail spin to the point where I have been unable to get to work or uni for the last couple of days. I guess it was really a diagnosis that I'd feared the most. Finally being rubber stamped "out of control", or at least to be pushed around at the whim of my own neurochemestry. But, after a good deal of research on the drug and what must have been reading close to a hundred posts of positive feedback by folks taking the drug, I've finally decided to give it a try.
Soley Lamotrigine for the time being as the SSRIs seem to make me more aggitated. I'm into my third day on Lamotrigine and Im beginning to feel more stable and connected as each moment passes by. This definitely seems to be the right med.
It's interesting to note that Lamitrigine apparently acts by raising the GABA levels in brain. Someone might want to correct me here, but GABA being a neuro-excitory suppressent reduces the levels of anxiety and stabilizes mood at the same time helping both suffers of anxiety and those with mood disorders such as Bipolar.

Like you revdoc, this is one of the only medication that has improved my memory and concentation at the same time as keeping me on an even keel. Truly some great stuff after it starts working.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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