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lamictal dp

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has anybody used this for their derealization and noticed that it made a big difference in relieving the dreamlike sensations and empty thought process that the disorder brings cuz my doctor prescribed this along with pristiq at a low dose as i have a history of tolerating meds as i get sensitive to them...just nervous on trying meds as ive been doing my best without them

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I started on Aug 8, and misunderstood my Dr
I was only supposed to take 25 mg and I took 25 mg 2x a day like the bottle said. Well, yesterday morning, I got a rash so my Dr said to immediately stop and will restart in 2 weeks. I have to say for the 5 days I was on it, it's the best I have felt in a long time. Kind of bummed out but definitely trying again, maybe 12.5 mg to start
Very slow process to get to 100mg
That's weird that he's going to make you go back on it.. I was on 25mg for like 10 days and got the rash too and stopped immediately. That means your allergic to it and the rash can be deadly if continued. Well, I guess just monitor yourself.
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