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Lager and DP/DR

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Still going through a bout of heavy beer drinking everynight of the week - I'm begining to worry more about my mental state.

Every morning I wake up tottally DP'ed, sometimes it takes me at least 5 minutes to realise who I'am and where the hell I'am.

In with a mix of me having a Pituatiry disorder causing low levels of Testosterone and high levels of Prolactin (treatment starting soon hopefully) I still crave a night of several pints of stella artois.

In one month I have went from 11 stone to 14. During the day I just feel dead, my dreams have the same consistency as my reality.

Basically I fear alcoholism and me turning into a vegetable, suffocated in an unreal state for the rest of my life.

At 17 years old I just want to be a normal teenager but from Generalised Anxiety Disorder to Depression to DP/DR starting at the age of 12, I just wonder what the next step is, death before 20? Mental Institution? Comatose?

I now fear life and actually am starting to believe that being dead would be better than this.

*Currently still on 60mg of Citalopram (Cipramil/Celexa)

- Anthony.
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ok a tip from me (someone who likes a drink)

1/stop drinking strong beer/lager if you must drink drink something like fosters

2/dont drink at home alone,go to your local pub,get involved in conversation,have a laugh,join the pool team

3/dont drink to get drunk,know your limitations
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