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Lack of motivation/Expression

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Does anyone feel like its very difficult to express them selves or even write an email? I have been struggling with this for awhile and many times I want write a topic on the message board but three words in or so I just close the window because I have such a lack of motivation right now. I see a lot of topics where people mention that they have a blank mind but they are able to write paragraphs explaining their symptoms or writing a response to someone else's post. How can your mind be blank when you can write such a concise response. Am I alone here? I have so much difficulty communicating these days.
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I struggled with that issue too but more off and on. Ive been struggling with it alot recently where ill try to read, watch or play something and then immidiately feel like i cant put any energy into anything and turn everything off and sit there blankly in a haze for a while. Luckily, it comes more in bursts and comes and goes. But its horrid, i hate it so much.
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