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I alway's think i want to be happy.
Try to make myself happy,
Want to be truely happy.
But it's hard when I'm numb.
But also,
i just want to hurt.
I beg for pain.
I ache for more.
I want pain more than just skin deep.
I want pain, and i want happyness.
I want both.
But I feel,
I know,
I want the pain more.
I want the heart wrenching,
eyes burning,
can't even manage to take a whole deep breath
clinging to the sheets in a dark room pain
that knaws at every inch of you.
The pain you can't even handle.
I want that pain.
because for me,
it's the only feeling that's real.
I'm tired of not feeling, of being numb.
And happyness,
doesn't make me feel enough.
The thing that makes me feel the most,
the feeling I can't mistake,
the feeling that my heart aches for,
is the pain.
Because right now, the nothingness,
the emptyness,
the numbness..
is knawing at my core.

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Mar 30 2011 02:09 PM

I like it.

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Mar 31 2011 08:03 PM

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