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Anyone else on this or in the past? Any help? Problems? What dosages work/ed for you?
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Pure Narcotic said:
Getting off cost me 2 years of my life. I spent 2 years hating life, cursing God, severe pain all over, crawling out of my skin, admitted to the psych ward twice. Other than that, I have nothing but good things to say about klonopin.
didn't go away in 2 YEARS?! pain for 2 years? why were you on it to begin with? was it for dp? please elaborate because i'm thinking of trying it since i have both occational anxiety and restless legs syndrome...
wow. i will definately think twice about ever taking klonopin now. i have taken really low doses of xanax to sleep (my grandma gives them to me now and then) but i haven't ever imagined it could be so hard to withdraw from a benzo.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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