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Do klonopin make DP and DR worse? What are some effects and symptoms of withdrawl? Any info would be super helpful. :?:
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I'm just afraid of having MS or developing Parkinson's. OR any of these... I'm totally freaking out... these twitches are so scary.. I don't know what to do. I guess I'll try to stop worrying until I get the proper tests done.
Dont worry da'burgh. Im sure your twitches are just a product of your anxiety. I wouldnt give it another thought.

im a lil late on this but, im on klonopin but i just take it when i need it and its only .5 mg and it helps me when i need it, so thats that.
Please excuse my digression away from the original topic.

Dreamer sorry to hear about your likely diagnoses of essential tremor.

If your father had it,sounds very much like this is what you have.
The neurologist will know for certain after they do all the usual tests.

Can't say I know anything about it(i'll be checking it though) .Any ailment that impedes our enjoyment of life takes some adjusting to.
It makes us feel more vulnerable.I perfectly understand your concerns.

Sorry I missed the bit about needing to have a colonoscopy.
I was adviced to have one three years ago even though the gastroenterologist diagnosed me with IBS.He wanted to rule out anything else.The reason I haven't had it is because of the anesthetic.
It's crazy but I'm not at all concerned of the idea of procedure,its the sedation that scares me.
To complicate things my doctor thinks it's diverticulitis(yes I eat a high fibre diet),so I've agreed to a barium enama instead which I'm sure will be lovely.
Personally I think it's endometriosis LOL

Let us know how you get on
Wishing all the best Dreamer
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Dear Shelly,

Again, sorry off Da'Burgh's topic.
Yup, spot on, on this one... another reason for my increased anxiety...
And thank you for your support.

I was adviced to have one three years ago even though the gastroenterologist diagnosed me with IBS.He wanted to rule out anything else.The reason I haven't had it is because of the anesthetic.
It's crazy but I'm not at all concerned of the idea of procedure,its the sedation that scares me.
Anesthesia absolutely terrifies me -- exactly the same. I'm so afraid this will exacerbate the DP/DR. But I can't worry about it. I also have IBS. I am a MESS. Definitely diagnosed by a great gastro when I was 40. He told me I was the most stressed out person he ever met, I swear it. He also said the SSRIs are the first line of treatment for that (there is serotonin in the gut). Well, I'm already on Celexa.

Also, the early logical treatment for ET are the meds I'm on. Or they should help with my anxiety. I'll say today, after going through a hideous period of anxiety over everything, I'm now less anxious overall (I don't feel anxious at least) and the tremor seems to be less again -- very, very mild -- don't really notice it. It's obvious that current stressors exacerbated it, and I have to watch for this in the future.

I've also read about Parkinson's and I don't believe my father had it, or that I have it. It has symptoms of rigitity, slowness of motion, LOSS of function aside from the tremors. I.E. again like Pope John Paul. In his last years he started looking like a stone ... that is the hallmark ... or more of a hallmark of Parkinson's. My father didn't have that, and I haven't exhibited that. Also loss of balance, etc. I don't have that.

Here's the thing. I have an incredibly high level of anxiety that is in a sense "constant" ... rumbling beneath the surface. When the anxiety increases the DP/DR kicks in full force, else the DP/DR is relatively stable.

Interesting I've been this way since a kid (save for the DP/DR until I hid about 12 or so.)

Anyway, my psychiatrist and the GP noted (as well as that first Gastro who simply did a biopsy on me) that I am on all the right meds right now to help all of my wonderful extra conditions.

It's wait and see. I feel I need to do the colonoscopy. I've also put it off and it has to be done.

Again Da'Burgh, don't sweat the many vicious versions of anxiety that can express itself in different people in different ways. Also remember, one can have other physical illnesses ASIDE from a mental illness. The best way to do that is consult a doctor. No one here can diagnose you. No one here is an expert.

I feel better, the last few days. I will stumble along as I have for so long. I have decided to take this as a challenge. I have no choice. And fortunately, it didn't seem to bother my father, save again, he had to stop his livelihood, but he continued in medicine as a consultant, so he did continue to work, nearly until 80! He was an expert with a mind like a steel trap at diagnosis of X-Rays of the thoracic area.

I think I'm over my terror re: all of this. I have no control over it right now.

Back to prepping for my move. So many darned details!
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I have been on Klonopin for 8 years now and DP/DR free. Until I got my hands on K, I was in a state of madness. It takes the edge off the DP/DR and lets your brain rest, remap, and stop being so defensive to the world. I sill take it, but only half a milligram a day, and I feel great. Stress still makes it hard, but thats life. I have found klonopin to be the only drug that doesnt make me feel WORSE. Forget Paxil......
Just a note re: anathesia (another word I can't spell, lol). Recently, an old member of the board (screen name Faith) who I know VERY well went through back surgery - had to be knocked out totally, and needless to say was petrified...

She did FINE. At my suggestion, she talked in depth to the doctor and to the anasthetist - had a pre-surgical consult a week before with both - they knew DP, totally understood dissociation fears/phobias, etc....and were excellent with her.

She was given Versed and then profofol (very fast acting - you go under quick and out quick). I'd taken Versed myself in the hospital (and she agreed wiht me that not only is it not disturbing, you almost want to ask if you can have a little extra to take home!)

Point is, she is a massively scared former dr/dp'er who did FINE under the surgerical knife (she was a bit nuts before, however, lol).

Good news for us scaredy cats, I thought.

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Hi Celeste,

I see Paxil didnt agree with you. Im curious how long you were on it before you gave up.

Honestly, I was only on it for 3 days. I never give up that quick, but my pupils were blown, and I was officially hallucinating. It was horrible. I felt like Paxil was a strong LSD or something. My doctor explained this to me, and some people have very strong reactions to Paxil. I am always so afraid to put any meds in my body because I am SUPER sensitive and affected. But then, I am so internal that it's no wonder :shock:
Hi Celeste,

I sort of figured that. What dose did you start at? As strange as it seems, the people that initially react the worst are probably the ones that will benefit the most from this class of drug. It gets a little complicated but there are some strong theories about it.

I took your advice and started at 2.25 mg of Celexa, worked my way up to 20 3 days ago and I am tolerating it just fine. Not feeling any better yet, but the dr. thinks I need to get up to 40mg and then give it 4 weeks. I wanted to mention this because I had a horrible reaction to zoloft, I really thought I was losing it. I was scared to death to try again, but going slow seems to be really helping. Thanks and keeping my fingers crossed.
I also changed from rapid release xanax to extended release because it is less addictive. Hoping to get off it when and if the celexa kicks in, but right now I have to keep the edge off somehow.

You may want to try again. I don't know your situation though. Along with the dp/dr I am a severely depressed, so I praying it will work for me.
Im glad to hear that you are tolerating the Celexa. It may be the xanax thats sort of masking the activation anxiety. Were you taking benzos at the time you tried the Zoloft? You sound like you have a good plan. I have a feeling the Celexa will in time help you.

Yes I was taking Benzos with the zoloft and I still couldn't control my anxiety. It was really scary. I am so sensitive to meds, I really think it is just working up slowly that is helping.
celeste,I'm with you for me klonopin has been a life saver.
I'm not exactly feeling great as you are.However I'm glad you are doing well.
Sometimes my dp/dr is still rather viscous.

As for paxil,zoloft the lot of them,my reaction is the same.
These drugs increase my dp and anxiety ten fold.
Honestly I wish I could be like other people and just take the silly things,I think perhaps they could help.
I have a new packet of lexapro sitting in my drawer.After all of my other
experiences I'm too afraid to take it.
I feel like I have PTS from taking SSRI's lol.

Janine thanks so much for the anesthetic info.I've written down the name of that particular drug when and if I should need it.
I'm so bloody neurotic about it that recently I called several doctors to enquire if they would do a medical procedure using a local anesthetic.
One doctor said he would oblige me.He did say if I the pain was too severe he would have to put me under.
I told him that considering the procedure only lasted a few minutes,the pain couldn't be any worse than giving birth and if I endured that twice for a few hours without any drugs then..............he agreed LOL.
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To Da'Burgh...After monkeying around with zanax and valium for quite a few years which kept me better than completely freaking out, I did begin taking klonopin. As with Shelly, I found it really put a dent in my DR. I have been a 1.5 mgs for around 3 or so years and have never needed to up my dose. It has improved my quality of life, though I do feel tired frequently.

That being said, as with any drug that is addictive, I have had to battle with the thought of going off of it because I just don't want to deal with addiction and withdrawal. Noone wants to be addicted to a drug. But then I realize I have been able to have a life with the help of medication so I continue to flipflop. There is an excellant chart for withdrawing off this medicine which is what I would use. And here is my truth, if I found my DR returning to the point it was, I would not hesitate to go back on the klonopin and live my life.

It is a very personal decision to make and anyone considering it should gather all information possible.

To Celeste...I, too, am hyper sensitive to drugs and tried 14 before I started lexapro. I only took 1/2 of a 10mg. Everytime I tried to increase to 10, the side affects become more pronounced than I wanted to deal with. So for 2 years I stayed at .5. I do believe it helped with my real affect on my DR. I did a slow withdraw off of it beginning last September and ending in January. I could definitely tell I was coming off a drug but it was nothing I could not deal with.

That being said, I saw my daughter stop Paxil under doctor supervision at a slow pace and she had an awful time with those damn "zaps" and a return of some of the symptoms she had begun taking the medicine for. There are many articles out there by people who have used Paxil and consider it to be the demon from hell. Once again this shows that the usage of medication can be different for each individual. This is simply not a black and white issue.

I hope I have given the facts as I know them to be for me without putting any more fear into making a decision that is difficult enough to make.

Good luck to everyone as they make their own informed decision and choose the option that is best for them.

Most sincerely,
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