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Do klonopin make DP and DR worse? What are some effects and symptoms of withdrawl? Any info would be super helpful. :?:
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What is it?
Tremor is an involuntary, rhythmical, shaking movement, usually of the hands, lower arms, and head.

Who gets it?
Tremor occurs as a symptom of some neurological diseases, such as Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis, and in people with diseases of or damage to the cerebellum. Some people inherit this condition from a parent who has tremors, or develop it as a side effect of certain drugs or underlying disease. Tremor can affect both men and women.

What causes it?
Tremor occurs when the muscles relax and contract repeatedly. While most people experience a tremor at some time, usually because of fear or excitement, a number of neurological diseases that destroy nerve tissue cause uncontrollable tremor. These include Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis. Other causes include stroke or head injury; Wilson's disease, a hereditary disorder in which toxic levels of copper accumulate in the tissues; mercury poisoning; an over-active thyroid gland; and liver encephalopathy. Tremor can occur as a side effect of drugs including amphetamines, antidepressants, antipsychotics, caffeine, and lithium, and as a result of withdrawal from alcohol or addictive drugs.
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dakotajo said:
Well...I went thru tremors during my klonopin addiction and withdrawal. I also got the morning tremors during my alcoholic daze. Ive read all over the place this can be caused by weakened gaba and unchecked adrenaline.

I dont know why you have tremors but I think you will be in denial no matter what. I guess thats what addiction is all about.
Joe, I don't need this. Why do you say this to me, when MANY others on this Board take benzos, and others take MORE meds than I do? I've asked you this in PMs a million times. You never answer the question. Why me? I don't dare diagnose you. How dare you diagnose me? HOW DARE YOU? How dare ANYONE on this board apply there one experience to others? HOW DARE ANYONE ASSUME WHAT IS WRONG WITH ANY OF US?

I apologize if I have ever done that.

So my GP who spent an hour on me, the nurse who took 4 vials of blood and also observed me, the medical resident tagging along with my GP looking up everything in the PDR for the GP.... doesn't matter to you. They're all idiots I assume.

I have had a small bilateral tremor in both hands... an INTENTION tremor, not a RESTING tremor... for about 2 years. It has gotten much worse since: (Do you know the difference between resting and intention tremor, bilateral vs. unilateral?) Have you had a neurological exam for essential tremor or Parkinson's? Do you have a family member with ET?

Recent stressors:

1. My dear friend commited suicide
2. I started prepping to move
3. I plan on starting a regular volunteer position
4. I found I may have colon polyps -- surgery in July

That's about enough stress, hmmm? But I've been managing my DP/DR better since my DBT therapy (4 months).

I also have a slight bilateral tremor in my jaw, and sort of a tic in my neck. Bilateral tremor in my upper arms... only INTENTION tremors. These are all INTENTION tremors, not occuring in a resting state. That is when I make a move to do something. Same with my father -- exactly. I am at an age when this usually starts. Over 40. I'm 46.

Homeskooled, I appreciated what you said AND HOW YOU SAID IT. With concern and kindness.

Joe, I don't need to be lectured that I am in denial.
My GOD I've never know anyone more cruel in my entire life save my mother and that's saying a helluva lot.

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Dreamer, I'm new here and I don't know any of you very well but I don't want anyone to feel scared or alone. You all have helped me so much and
Dreamer it seems to me you are a significant contributer here, I know your info has helped me before please don't leave.
Dear Sillyputty,
I'm not leaving, but I am constantly hurt by Joe. It is my fault for trying to give my experience.

It is my fault that I trigger responses like this.

It hurts and I'm afraid, and he doesn't understand. I have to accept and understand that.

Thank you for your support.

Take care,
Not leaving, just very angry and sad and alone and scared. I know better not to ask Joe for any concern or comfort. I know better.
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It is my fault for trying to give my experience.

It is my fault that I trigger responses like this.

It hurts and I'm afraid, and he doesn't understand. I have to accept and understand that.

Dreamer it's not your fault, that is what this site is for right and I appreciate everyone sharing these personal experiences and we should all be sensitive to the fact that what we post here even though it's the web, is personal. Please let me know if there is anything I do/say to help.
You are not alone and never will be. We will all always be here for each other.

Keep your head up.
Dear Dreamer,
If it is bilateral, as well as having neck spasms, have they ruled out Parkinsons? Parkinson's can also have intention tremors, but they are usually accompanied by a resting tremor as well. However, both are, to my knowledge, diagnosises of exclusion. Frankly, I would hope that you have a essential tremor over that any day. I've had essential tremor mentioned to me before as a possibility if my hand tremors get worse, but that was at a neuro appointment for increased intracranial pressure, so it was the least of my worries at that point.

I try to give the most honest and helpful advice I can, with the knowledge I have learned. I hope I didnt offend you in any way. I would lay all of this out to the neuro, and definitely not worry. Familial essential tremors are pretty common problems at neuroligists offices, and they should have the problem wrapped up after one or two visits. I'm sure he'll repeat his neuro exam, and have a look at your outstretched hands, your gait, and your reflexes, check for nystagmus, etc....Dont be alarmed if he orders a head CT. He may just be satisfied with a fundoscopic exam. As for your colonoscopy, I imagine they suspect polyps from either a CT or a specimen. The colonoscopy isnt rough at all. The prep is, though. Take it easy the day before. The laxative is really rough- a bit like having the flu. I might have to pursue one in the future, but for right now, I've already had an endoscopy, and I want to see what my other options are. Unfortunately, I dont take anesthesia well, and I had to have it without. Scary, very scary. Okay, good luck with the neuro appointment, and like I said, I'm sure they'll have it well under control soon.

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oh, for crying out loud, leave her alone.

Not everyone is the same.

I took valium every day (about the same amount of klono that Dreamer takes) for over 20 yrs....20 years people. And I had no addiction, no withdrawal beyond just a little jitterness and a week or more trouble falling asleep

We're DIFFERENT and some of us needed to use benzos to get through. Not everyone will become an alcholic if they drink or a coke addict if they snort. Shades of gray is where reality lies, not in absolutes.

SillyPUtty it is NOT your fault for "triggering" any response. This tired old drama has been going round and round on here long before you ever found the board, lol....

viva la differences
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Thank y'all for the kind responses. Sillyputty, Homeskooled -- you have NOT offended me, you were reassuring in your response, and Janine and those who have PMd

I let certain people hurt me. I provoke it I guess. I should have gotten my fears out another way, in a separate post.

Thanks all of you. Forgive my outburst. :oops:
D 8)
Homeskooled, I am slated for a CAT scan. My fear is the GP said it was possible, but we'll never know that my father DID have Parkinson's. All of these illnesses are hard to pinpoint I guess. Process of elimination.
My father NEVER became stiff or looked in any way like Pope John Paul who just passed away. He had very major tremor of his hands. That's all I recall. But when I told this to the GP, he said, "Oh, hmmm, and wrote a referral to the neurologist.

Thanks again. Now I am crying. But it feels good. I've needed this release.
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Hang in there... Not much else I can say. I have been through a nuerological scare myself and it was not fun. Everything worked out and I am sure it will work out for you as well.
Holy shit, I'm scared to death... I probably have Parkinson's. I don't know what to do. This isn't curable, right? :( :( :cry:
What leads you to think you have parkinson's? (symptoms)
I have twitches all the time...
Pretty sure anxiety can do that... if your really concerned I guess go see your dr.
I have DP?DR and always nervous all the time... I had what I think was a panic attack but I'm not even sure that's what it was because my heart wasn't even racing I just felt like my legs were going numb or becoming weak... very lightheaded at times. I took a klonopin after going without it for a few weeks like I stated in my earlier posts but I don't know if I can relate this to the withdrawl. I'm so fucking scared right now! I feel so nervous and I don't know what to do...
Okay... I have read it anxiety will cause twitches (yes it can also be other things), BUT read your post, you are sooo anxious. You are probably like me and have generalized anxiety disorder. You still have a lot of freaky symptoms but they don't quite fit the mold of a panic attack. Don't be scared you will be okay, this is just your anxiety making more of it. There are so many other symptoms in Parkinsons disease and you just have some twitches. See how are anxious mind work... it's like we go to the worst case scenerio and think we have it. Hang in there. You could also be having muscle spasms and that is also caused by anxiety.
rainboteers said:
You still have a lot of freaky symptoms but they don't quite fit the mold of a panic attack.
Yeah, that's what I'm scared about!!!
Da'Burgh, please see my PM to you. You do NOT have Parkinson's or essential tremor. I'd bet on it.

I'm sorry I messed up this thread. My current symptoms started long after I started my meds. My doctors feel strongly they are an essential tremor. I will keep y'all updated.

Don't worry about having an awful illness. That comes with being overly anxious. Worrying about EVERYTHING. Been there done that. Especially when I was younger. I'm now 46 and worry about real illnesses. We all get older, LOL. Then you get too tired to worry. 8)

Yup, thats me...

Older than dirt and too tired to worry.

Does anyone want a punch in the nose?(Hey, I'm old...old people say things like that)

Captain K
what I meant by the freaky symptoms is that when you are anxious you don't neccessarily have the same symptoms as the next person. I am more worried I losing my mind, we all have our fears... Every thought and symptom seems to prove to us that something is wrong. It sucks and I wish I knew my way out of the cycle, BUT you do not have parkinson's disease.
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