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Do klonopin make DP and DR worse? What are some effects and symptoms of withdrawl? Any info would be super helpful. :?:
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What are some effects and symptoms of withdrawl?
Well, thanks for scaring the shit out of me. I have been taking klonopin for about 4 weeks(?) and I have made ten tablets last that long, showing how much I actually take them. (At .5 mgs.) About 1-2 weeks ago I stopped taking them. Are chances of withdrawl symptoms high? I do get twiches and stuff... I'm just worried about other problems that you stated. :(

P.S. I have 4 tabs left - so I really haven't used many... does this matter?
I used it only when I felt I really needed to. How would I slowly taper from .25 mg of Klonopin or is there really no need?

I really only used a half a pill every few days or so.
I've been off it for about a week and a half 2 weeks(?)
Thanks for the info, I was pretty scared about that.
Holy shit, I'm scared to death... I probably have Parkinson's. I don't know what to do. This isn't curable, right? :( :( :cry:
I have twitches all the time...
I have DP?DR and always nervous all the time... I had what I think was a panic attack but I'm not even sure that's what it was because my heart wasn't even racing I just felt like my legs were going numb or becoming weak... very lightheaded at times. I took a klonopin after going without it for a few weeks like I stated in my earlier posts but I don't know if I can relate this to the withdrawl. I'm so fucking scared right now! I feel so nervous and I don't know what to do...
rainboteers said:
You still have a lot of freaky symptoms but they don't quite fit the mold of a panic attack.
Yeah, that's what I'm scared about!!!
I'm just afraid of having MS or developing Parkinson's. OR any of these... I'm totally freaking out... these twitches are so scary.. I don't know what to do. I guess I'll try to stop worrying until I get the proper tests done.
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