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I Increased to 1.5mg the other night (I was taking 1.25mg) and today my reaction time has increased to what I would assume to be normal for a human. I can take in more details while outside in the woods... I can funtion like a person now... I'm able to help people and ease there problems by just knowing how to reply to them... I seem to be good at cheering people up now.

Before hand I was selfish because I felt like I was stoned all the time... and my self esteem was so low... I needed to be taken care of... well tomorrow i'm going to my local city on my own because I need my glasses to be repaired. This would have been diffcult if I hadn't been on this med.

I would recommend this med to any one... "trail and error".

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Well id be a total hypocrite to tell someone not to take drugs prescription or not so im not going to talk you out of it. The only problem is you better have a steady supply of benzos because once you get in the higher doses this is one group of drugs you can't run out of. If i where you and i was gonna treat myself with benzodiazepines illegally id keep a stash of them away preferably a long acting one such as clonazepam, valium or even librium. There is always a day when everything goes wrong and you can't get your drugs.

Why can't you go to a doc now anyway? If you don't wanna tell me over the board PM me. Clonazepam shouldnt be that hard to get off a doctor as long as you explain your symptoms and the fact that you have read up on the fact that alot of people have reported good results with this med.

Anyway a good starting dose would be 0.5mg's a day initially. Then if your still anxious up the dose after a few days to 0.5mg's twice a day with one pill taken in the morning and one pill taken in the evening. Make sure your doses are atleast 8 to 12 hours apart because the effect's of clonazepam last about this long for most people. Starting at this dose you are unlikely to run into side effect's except maybe some daytime drowsiness but this will go away in time and is usually not a big problem for most people.

Some people also run into memory problems at first but this will go away as well and is usually the result of starting at too high of a dose anyway. Remember one dose does not fit all everyone is individual. We all react differently to different drugs.

You may have to up the dose or you may not. The anti-anxiety effect's pretty much stabilized for me at 2mg's a day but i had to up the dose to deal with some other psychiatric issues as well as some chronic pain issues. I now take 2mg's 3 times a day and ive been on that dose for almost a year now and im doing fine.

Ive been on clonazepam for a year and a half now and it totally cured my dp/dr, brain fog and anxiety 100%. It's still working as good as it ever did and i have no intensions of coming off it anytime soon.

As for the withdrawal issues it's really no different then coming off a anti-depressant. In fact coming off a benzo especially at a low dose can be easier then coming off some anti-depressants. Id take benzo withdrawal any goddamn day over effexor withdrawal. As for the hardcore benzo withdrawal symptoms such as seizures and hallucinations there really only a problem at higher doses. It's also much easier to taper off a benzo with a long half life such as clonazepam then a shorter acting one such as xanax or ativan. Those generally have harsher withdrawal symptoms.

I would really suggest you do this under a doctors care though. Im certainly not a doctor and im not going to play one on the internet either.
Hi I’m currently suffering from Dpdr it’s been a year already and I’ve been on antidepressants and ssri and I’m currently on beta blockers but it’s not taking any effects on my Dpdr, I’m thinking of getting clonazepam. I’m happy to hear it’s been able to help u control this issue with Dpdr. But I’m afraid of becoming dependent on them or later having another problem on top of Dpdr. How much do u take? Did it build a dependentcy? Where u able to come back to ur self? Do u feel like this numbs u emotionally?
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