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Klono taper...wish me luck!

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After a year and a half of taking 1.5-2.0 mg Klonopin daily (a medication I have since become desensitized to), I finally feel stable (stable...not cured by any means) enough to start tapering off. No I'm not going to switch over to valium because that seems like a real pain in the ass and my psych thinks its probably worth a shot trying the simple route first and coming down by 0.125 mg every two weeks.

Of course I've heard of the benzo horror stories and now it's my turn to find if I'm to be victimized next.

Fingers crossed.

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Good luck! i'm down to .25mg klonopin myself. I recommend joining the benzo forum, extremely helpful and knowledgeable people (, although they will probably advise against not switching to Valium.

Chris said:
Hi, I'm just wondering why everyone on this board takes so many meds. It oviously does nothing for DP right? I'm sure everyone on this board has anxiety problems and depression, but do you people think meds will help DP? Does it at all?
cuz for some DP is anxiety induced, so taking anxiety meds helps.
in my case lots of ppl said Klonopin works for DP, but it did nothing for mine. i was only on it for 2 weeks, cuz i was about to lose my job and it was worth a try. personally i'm very anti-meds, my body just doesn't like 'em.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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