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Klono taper...wish me luck!

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After a year and a half of taking 1.5-2.0 mg Klonopin daily (a medication I have since become desensitized to), I finally feel stable (stable...not cured by any means) enough to start tapering off. No I'm not going to switch over to valium because that seems like a real pain in the ass and my psych thinks its probably worth a shot trying the simple route first and coming down by 0.125 mg every two weeks.

Of course I've heard of the benzo horror stories and now it's my turn to find if I'm to be victimized next.

Fingers crossed.

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Klonopin is one of the better benzos to taper off from because of its long half-life in your system. Your doctor's suggestion is the recommended method. Abrupt benzo withdrawal is obviously full of horror stories, but slowly tapering like you suggested is a good way to rid yourself of the addictive substance.

A recommendation would be to have a low dose of Klonopin (or perhaps Xanax .25mg or .5mg) to take in the event of an emergency once you have completed your withdrawal from clonazepam. This provides you a level of psychological safety in the event of a panic attack. If you know that you do have that level of safety with medication, then you can feel more comfortable about not having to be on a continous regimine.

Best of luck to you, and I recommend finding a substitute like exercise, Yoga, or another activity that will help keep your mind off of the withdrawal. If you concentrate on the withdrawal and think that it will be difficult, it may seem worse than it really is. Don't underestimate your ability to ovecome the perception of YOUR experience of benzo withdrawal. You are in control and you can always employ cognitive behavioral techniques during the withdrawal and afterwards. Sometimes rushes of panic come with the withdrawal process, but these can usually be treated by taking a bath or shower and just relaxing and telling yourself, "I am making this decision, and I can choose to feel good"

- David
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